Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Ava is almost 2!!!!

avaatdoor I just wanted to take some time to document some of the things Ava is doing and saying at(almost) 2 years old!

Her vocabulary is growing daily. These are some of the words she says and what they mean (if it’s not obvious):

Mommy, Daddy, doggie, nightnight (she calls her blanket that – isn’t that sweet?), Bapa (grandpa), Mal-mar (Wal-mart), tank tu (thank you), please, byebye, yeaaaaaaa, otay, back (razorbacks), keys, shoe, whas dat (more on this later), nack (snack), luh you (love you ♥), tolor (color), potty, its mine, slide, swim, Mouse, stih-her (sticker), hout (out), help.

This is not a comprehensive list but things we hear a lot!

These are some of the things she does right now that are slightly cute/slightly annoying – haha… :) I don’t want to forget them though!

She’s starting to string syllables together. Mostly she says “I slide” or “I pee-pee” (while grabbing her bottom, and which REALLY means she went #2), etc. She has also started saying “it’s mine” if she wants something instead of asking please. She also says that if she sees something in a store she wants or if we take something away from her. Everything is “hers” these days….Tonight at dinner she said her longest sentence – she broke into her plastic lid and when I took it away she said “it’s my water”.

Probably the thing she says most is “Whas dat?”. She asks this ALL the time. What’s funny is that when she sees something she likes or wants (i.e. a playground, a drink) she’ll gasp and say “Whas dat?!” like maybe asking about it surprised means she’ll get it? I don’t know if that’s what goes through her mind but it’s pretty cute.

The other really funny thing she does right now is a game she plays in regards to saying "grandma". She can say it, but she won't. Anyway, we can go through a string of words that she'll repeat back, but she will NOT repeat grandma. She'll either mumble or be silent! The funniest thing though is that if someone tries to coax her to say it in front of my mom, she'll just look at her and giggle. It's like it's become a game to her. Silly little girl!

I’m probably jinxing myself by saying this but she had her really awful behavior stage over the summer and she really has been so good the past several weeks. Maybe it’s because she’s not home all day – I can’t even remember the last time she had to sit in time out. (I started this post last night and I did jinx myself – she was awful tonight!) haha! Oh well – a day in the life with a 2 year old!

Ava, I love seeing your personality come shining through! You are fully of fun and excitement and I can’t wait to see how you grow again this next year!!!!


  1. Two year olds are so much fun, you are in for a great adventure!

  2. love this! I can't believe she is about to be two!! It goes by so fast!!!

  3. Her words are so precious! Stephen told me about the little game she plays with saying "grandma" funny! Can't wait to meet Miss Ava : )

  4. She is so funny!! That cracks me up about the grandma thing. I can't believe she's 2!!


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