Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Calling the Hogs & playing!

Hey all!

So did you have a nice Labor Day weekend?? We sure did. We didn’t really do much and it was SO nice.

We did cheer our Hogs on to victory and this little cutie enjoyed calling the Hogs! She would run off on her own and we’d hear her yelling “ig ooooie”! :) Too cute!

Sunday afternoon we took Ava to play – she loves to slide! She’s getting a slide in a couple weeks for her birthday and I can’t wait to see her face when she sees it!! Anyway, she had a ball running around and burning off energy!

IMG_1055 IMG_1060 IMG_1045IMG_1053IMG_1062

In other news, today was a very rainy day and according to this,image we have several more like it in our future. I’m okay with a couple of days of rain, but I’ve already been praying that September 18th is a clear day because that morning we have a birthday bash planned outside for Ava and her pals! So come all you want this week rain, but go away by the next Saturday, puh-lease!!!

Hope you are having a good week – I love short work weeks – it’s nice that tomorrow is already Wednesday! :) Until next time!


  1. Love the video!

    I've been Calling the Hogs with Christopher, but I'm the only Razorback fan in a family (including my hubby) of Longhorns fans. I feel like it's a lost cause!

  2. Great pictures! She is getting so big!


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