Thursday, September 30, 2010

Daddy got a new ride!

We have had a crazy week! Ava came down with the nasty stomach virus Tuesday night and was a sick baby! She seems to have recovered and is full of energy again. In the midst of that and almost no sleep, Zach and I split the day being at home with her and also took turns going to sign papers to bring this baby home:


We have had our eyes out for a truck for Zach for a while but we usually take our time with big purchases. We had decided we were ready to buy and just happened across this one that turned out to be a great deal!!! We’re excited to have it!

And just for fun, here’s a silly picture of Ava! Maybe this can be used for blackmail some day!IMG_1444

Nice outfit she has on, huh? :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I, for one, am pumped that it’s just about the weekend again!!

Edited to add: The cutest thing happened this morning. Ava was clinging to Zach big time and whining as she was getting ready to school and she kept saying "tuck". I usually take her to school but could tell she didn't want Zach to leave. I finally asked her if she wanted to ride to school in the truck and she said "yeah!!"! So cute that she wanted to ride with her Daddy in the "tuck"! :)


  1. Love that outfit and the truck! An outfit to show her future boyfriend and a truck for Daddy to run them down in ;o) haha!

  2. Love the new truck! Hope you get cookies too! :) I love Hug's!! My boys were all about riding in mommy's new car for a couple of days, but it is back to daddy's truck being the favorite for them too. They are just afraid they are going to miss out on something fun going with daddy! Sometimes they don't get a choice though.

    Hope she is feeling better - tell Zach congrats on the new wheels!


  3. Awesome! I love the new "tuck!" Enjoy!

  4. Yay for the new truck! New vehicles are always exciting : )

    So glad Ava is feeling better! I hated to hear that she came down with that. Sounds like she was as sick as I was : (

    And oh my gosh, that picture! How funny! Love that she's still rocking the tutu ; )


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