Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend recap

This weekend we went to visit Zach’s family. His dad is home before being deployed overseas so we went to visit and to celebrate Ava’s birthday with them early.

Zach’s grandma lives on a lake and Ava is still obsessed with the water so she enjoyed walking down to the water’s edge and throwing rocks and waving to boats as they sped by.

Obeying Mom’s orders to sit but still grabbing her rocks!IMG_1108 How can I throw if I’m too far from the water?IMG_1112Showing her rock to an airplane flying by!IMG_1119  Not happy Mom is interrupting rock throwing for a picture!IMG_1130PURE JOY!IMG_1137 

This afternoon was her birthday party and Ava had a fun time opening her gifts at the birthday party! She got a new tricycle and loves it! She rode it almost all night when we got home. IMG_1149 She’s got some work to do to figure it out but I have no doubt she’ll get there! IMG_1172 She decided it was much easier having her Aunt Mallory push her around!IMG_1174

She also loves her new makeup kit! Now she won’t have to dig through Mommy’s drawers in the mornings – she’ll have her own!IMG_1161

Yummy Minnie Mouse birthday cake!!!IMG_1165 Not wanting to wait to dig in!IMG_1168 IMG_1167

Ava definitely had a fun day! She really knew what was going on and loved opening gifts and having cake! I’m excited to do it again next weekend. I just can’t believe that next Sunday my little girl will be 2!!!!!! It seems so unreal. She’s the light of our lives and is full of spunk and sass!! It’s hard to believe we’ve had 2 years with our precious girl! Big Mickey Mouse birthday party is next weekend and I’m pumped! I can’t wait to see Ava play with all her little friends!! There’ll be lots more Ava celebrating to come this week so stay tuned!!


  1. Aww she is such a cutie!! She looks like such a big girl riding her bike around...can't believe it's almost her birthday!

  2. sweet! Something about toddlers...they like to throw rocks in water. Mine does too! It's a really big deal anytime he's interrupted when he's busy throwing rocks. Kids just grow way to fast for my liking. Bradyn turned two about three weeks ago, and I still can't believe it. Ava's cake is just adorable!!! Good luck with the big party! Those are always SO much fun!!!

  3. Ava is so cute with her jeans rolled up!! Cannot believe she's already turning two!!

  4. Love the Minnie Mouse cake! Can't wait to see pics of the party next weekend : )

    Have a great Monday!


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