Monday, September 28, 2009

First birthday party!!

Yes, it's been a week since the birthday party. And yes, I'm just now getting the pictures posted. And I've had several people asking where they were.... so since I know you've all been patiently waiting for them, here they are! :) Get ready for some polka dot overload!

The only decent family picture we got that day - in all the rest of them Ava was touching her eye... such a weird child..

Her cakes... and let me say.. her big cake was NOTHING like I'd hoped. I was very disappointed when I picked it up and saw it.. It just looks a little sloppy to me.. the writing is off center... it was not anything like I asked it to be, though it does match the tablecloth remarkably well. Go figure... I guess it was ok because it tasted so incredible. Half chocolate and half vanilla with strawberry filling....mmmmmmmmmmmm!

Close up of the disappointing cake

At least her little cake was cute

The birthday girl shrine... notice the round balloon with a 1 and polka dots. I gave them a plate that looked exactly like that and THAT was what the cake was supposed to look like...

So our daughter is like an animal... she went from person to person (more like plate to plate) opening her mouth for food. She seriously was like a puppy dog. She even went up to someone's plate and picked something off of it and ate it!


Even though my mouth was in the middle of talking, I love this picture of us. She looks like such a big girl!!

She did really well opening the first few presents...

Then it was over because she wanted to play with the toys she'd already seen!

And then she was ready to dig in to her cake!

Happy birthday, dear Ava!!

She definitely enjoyed that. I had to take the cake away because she ate half of it and I didn't want her to get a tummy ache!

The party was great and it was so wonderful to see Ava have such a great time.

She spent a good portion of the party running around with a huge smile on her face! She picked up very quickly that the day was about her and she loves being the center of attention! She had an absolute blast and seeing her enjoy herself so much was priceless!

*****I totally meant to put on here where I got Ava's shirt - so since I got a comment this morning and some questions IRL about it, here is where I got it:

Trucks and Tutus Boutique

Y'all, this girl is talented! She's only been sewing for a few months - can you believe it? She was so great to work with and the shirt turned out better than I'd hoped! And she can do ALOT! So check her out!


  1. Great party pics! I was wondering when I'd get to see them too! Ha!! ;-) Just teasing! I miss y'all!

  2. Awww! Just smiling right now...I needed to do that! :) Sweet girly...

  3. what a precious party!!!! don't hate on the cake, mom ... i think it looks great! :) that sweet pea was the PERFECT birthday girl! SO sad we didn't live close enough to come to the party. y'all are such an adorable family! loves!

  4. Love the cake pics!! :o) Where did you get that adorable shirt??

  5. all the bday party pics...she is so precious!!! Can you believe our girls are getting so big?!?!?

    Let's hope Kate gets her daddy's math skills (he's an engineer) and Ava doesn't have to tutor Kate when they get to UofA...ha!!!

  6. Girl...I feel like I re-lived Kennedy's 2nd b-day party just through your pictures! Same EXACT things occured, no joke. I went w/ cookie cakes, and they were delicious...but horribly ugly. Nothing like what I had showed them or talked to them a/b. And how do they print the b-day message off center? ...don't get me started. : ) Also, I think your family picture is WAY cute! Our only decent family pic from that day back in Feb. was right as Kennedy was trying to throw a fit. She has a lovely frown in the picture. And to top it all off...Kennedy 1st b-day party WAS polka-dots too! Crazy!

    Looks like your Lil' Miss had a blast, which is definitely what's most important! And yes...I too LOVE her shirt!

  7. Hello hello! I found your blog though Jill's bloggy babe! Congrats! What a sweet little family youi have. And I love your presh little Miss Ava! ((GREAT name by the way. i am just sayin.)) I look forward to reading about all your fun adventures in Ava-land!

  8. Just hopping over from Jill's post about you and miss ava to give you some bloggy love! You have a precious little girl on your hands!

  9. I am visiting from Jills and think your blog is great!

  10. Great party pics! I think the cake is pretty! Happy birthday!

  11. Great pics...looks like a lot of fun!! She is so so precious! And that shirt is adorable! :)

  12. Great pictures! I totally understand how you feel about the cake. I am the same way!! Where did you get it if you don't mind saying?? I always get my boy's birthday cakes at Paul's in Van Buren - I hate driving all the way over there but they have never disappointed me with what I have asked for. I usually bring a plate or napkin or something and the cakes are always better than I expect - and I am a picky person!!! So, I hope you didn't get that cake at Paul's . . . Ava looks like she had a blast though - I love the pics of her eating cake and her shirt is adorable!! Your family pic is darling too - I love how she has her head tilted!!!

    Sheri Fuhrman


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