Monday, September 7, 2009

Why can't all weekends have 3 days?!

Ahhh.. how nice it was to have a 3 day weekend. While I'd love more time off, I'm thankful for the extra day off!

Zach's parents came to visit to spend some time with Ava. They came with a couple of early birthday gifts b/c Zach's dad won't be able to be at the party. Ava pretty much knew the toys were for her and stood waiting for them. Here she is with her new lawn mower. We think she's got it confused with the vacuum cleaner b/c of how she pushes forward and pulls it back.

They also brought Ava this cute cheerleading outfit! She's ready to call the Hogs! We've worked on that a little and mostly she just thinks it's funny to wiggle your fingers and raise your hands while saying "Wooooooooooooooooooooo Pig Sooie"!!

We also sported our Razorback gear today to get our free chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-a! It was a mad house there but still fun. Ava wore her Razorback shirt too and got a free sandwich. She loved the chicken! This was the only picture I could get of her in her Hogs shirt. To see why she's eating cheese on the floor like a dog, click here.

And finally... I don't know where Ava comes up with things. She loves it when we play and make her lean backwards. Tonight she sat down on the floor and was trying to make herself fall backward without it hurting. It was so funny to watch. She then proceeded to do it over and over again!

I ♥ her!!!


  1. I love her Razorback gear, and that video is so cute. :)

  2. How funny!! And I love her cheerleader uniform...too CUTE!!

  3. Miss Ava is getting so big! I think we deserve 3 day weekends every week!

  4. Too funny! I agree with you on the weekends all being 3 days. I would love that.

    Looks like you had a great time.

    Lisa :)

  5. Thanks for the sweet comment on the blog Sarah! From the sound of things, though, Ava is quite the smarty pants herself! She is absolutely precious...looking at your blog and the pictures reminds me a lot of Kate when she was Ava's age...they seem to be doing to same things at the same ages.

    Loved the video...Kate too!!! Hope you're doing well!!!


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