Sunday, September 6, 2009

McFamily Blog Hop

The McFamily is hosting their first blog hop and they want to see some funny videos!

I knew exactly which one to use. Every year, my funny, crazy (and keep in my 25 year old) brother likes to grace our family with a "special" Christmas dance. He picks a song from Trans Siberian Orchestra and does a silly, goofy performance. I think he's done this for the last 4 or 5 years, and Christmastime is the only time we get to see it. This year he performed while my grandparents were over and my sister decided to video it.

I'm not sure what's more hilarious..... the crazy dancing... my grandma laughing... when my grandpa got up at the end to join in... or the part where he hits his head on the ceiling fan light! Hope you enjoy! I know we always do!


  1. Does Stephen know you put this on the internet? TOOO FUNNNY! I was seriously laughing out loud!

  2. Yes, he knows it's on you tube. Stephanie put it out there and then sent it to everyone! We look forward to the dance each year!

  3. I hope this comes back to haunt him some day! Hilarious!


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