Thursday, September 3, 2009

Catching up

Long time, no blog. There just hasn't been a lot of blog worthy stuff going on here. We're staying pretty busy as usual. I went to Dallas for a couple of days this week for work. We've got lots of exciting stuff coming up this month, most importantly Ava's 1st birthday!!!! I actually sent out the invitations for her party today so that's a big step. I've pretty much got the big stuff figured out so we're just doing the waiting game. We also have Ava's 1 year pictures scheduled for next weekend with our favorite photographers! I'm so excited for these for several reasons. Obviously I'm ready for some new pictures of Ava and our family. Also, I am ready for a sweet new picture of my girl because I'm getting a necklace with her picture in it! My friend Sally had a necklace with the picture of her sweet baby and I knew I always wanted one when I had a kid. After four years of waiting, I'm finally getting it! Zach got me a gift certificate for this necklace for my birthday and after Ava's pictures, it's all mine!

Another exciting thing coming up is RAZORBACK FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!! We love the Hogs here at our house and are so ready for another season! Here's Miss Ava clapping for the Hogs!

And lastly, have you seen these?!??!??
They are from Bath and Body Works and they are awesome! I got some for my birthday and I love it. I have one in my car and it has made it smell wonderful! Go get one!

Hope you enjoy your 3 day weekend!!


  1. Where did you get that Razorback flag??? I need it! lol

    I wondered if those Bath and Body Works things were worth I need to go shopping. :)

    I can't believe Ava's about to be one!

  2. Page, if my flag goes missing, I'll know who to go to first! :) j/k! I got the flag at a Hallmark store in Little Rock. If you can't find one there, try Inscriptions! I think I've seen them there!

  3. I just remembered that I think I saw some at the new Creative Kitchen too!

  4. How exciting for your new necklace...that will be fun! :) And little Miss Ava looks like a great cheerleader for the Hogs! Oh and I need to get one of those from Bath & Body...I can never find anything I really like for my car - thanks for the tip!


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