Saturday, September 12, 2009

Boo for ear infections!

Thursday evening Ava woke up from her after school nap and was a little whiny. I didn't think much of it as she is always that way when she's hungry and waiting for dinner. We both noticed that her cheeks were red but thought she'd just been laying on them. A little later I decided to take her temp b/c she felt warm and it was 102.2!!! So we started Tylenol. I woke up around 3 and went to check on her and she was hot so I roused her slightly awake, gave her another shot of the meds and she went right back to sleep. When we woke up, she didn't have a fever... oooook..

So we headed to school and they said she wasn't quite herself the day before. I told them she wasn't feeling well and that I thought it might be her ears, and they confirmed she'd been tugging at one a lot the day before.

Then the frustration started.... I called the dr's office at 8:30 am. The nurse called me back around 9:30 and asked some questions, such as was she running fever, tugging at her ear. I decided to call school to see if she was messing with her ear and they said she was so I called the nurse back to tell her that. She said she'd check with the dr and she'd let me know, but that he'd probably want to see her. Well, the morning passed on. My mom picked Ava up around 11:30 and took her home with her. She was running fever again and pulling at her ear alot. So around 12:30 I called back to tell the nurse she had a 101 fever and was pulling so I wanted to bring her in to check the ears. Well, by 2:00 I hadn't heard anything and was starting to get a little ticked. Around 2:30 I called back and said I needed to know whether or not I could bring her in or if I needed to take her to a walk in clinic. They said he was going over phone calls and I should hear something in no later than 20 minutes. Well 25 minutes later they called and said I could bring her at 5:30.......5:30 AFTER calling at 8:30 that morning! SOO incredibly frustrating. Then when we got there, there were probably 7 patients ahead of us still waiting. Now, I know it's an early sick season, but seriously? This happens every time she's sick so now I'm debating on whether or not we need a new pediatrician. He's a good doctor, but does that matter if we can't get in to see him??? We didn't get out of there until after 7 and she did in fact have an ear infection. She didn't get her first round of antibiotics until after 8. Had we gotten to go a little earlier she may have felt better with more medicine in her and we may not have had to cancel her 1 year pictures this morning!!! If you are from around here and have a good suggestion on a pediatrician, please let me know.

Seriously heartbreaking...

We rode along with Daddy on an errand today and I asked him to pick up some sleepers for Ava as they were the last things I needed for Ava for this fall/winter. She was so proud of them and even though she didn't feel well and was tired, she was hanging on for dear life!

Hoping we wake up to a little girl who feels much better in the morning!


  1. I use Pediatric Partners and I love them. Dr. John and Dr. Denise are married and the Dr. Chris just joined them a couple of years ago. Dr. Chris is Chris Schluterman whose family attends IC. They don't open until 8:30 and they close at 5:30 although their phones are turned off at 5:00. My kids see Dr. John but if he isn't available I see one of the others. They have "sick" appointments built into their day so if your child wakes up sick you can call and they aren't booked with well child check ups, etc. Each Dr. has a nurse and they have a nurse on phones so you don't have to wait for one to call you back who is busy seeing patients. The nurses rotate each week so it is really nice if your child is sick when you call you will get the same nurse on the phone. Good luck -

  2. yuck for ear infections, and YUCK for doctors who aren't on the ball! hope she feels better when she gets up tomorrow!!! i'm getting more nervous by the day about priss's tubes, but i think it's the only answer we've got left after 12 infections in 12 months or whatever it is?!? i'd probably find a new doc too if i were you.... 'night friend!

  3. I love Dr. Cheshier and he has an after hours clinic and Saturday's too. He wasn't my doctor as a child but he was for my brother Jared and sister Megan. I picked him because he knows my family history of seizures but he has been great - no complaints!!

    Hope she feels better soon!!!
    Sheri Fuhrman

  4. i bet we have the same doctor! i use dr. demiranda, and love him. i always thought i wanted to change pediatricians, until i had the boys. they were very ill when they were little (the both spent a little over 6 weeks in the hospital after birth), and he was right there every day calling me with a report. i know it is very frustrating. we went to the doctor last thurs. our appt. was at 4:20 and we left at 6:50. but, he always takes such good care of us, and knows my children well. i always just plan on spending AT LEAST 2 hrs. with a sick kid (which is often at our house). i wouldn't trade for the world! sorry your sweety feels yuck. hope she is better soon.

  5. Sorry for the ear infection--looks like NO fun at all :(

    Praying she will recover quickly!

    Lisa :)

  6. I hope Ava is feeling better. After a couple of different pediatricians in FS, we finally switched to Dr. Cheshier, and I LOVED him! He was great with our kids and was always nice to us too. There is a nurse practitioner who works there too, Mary Lynn, and she is great as well. Both of them visited us in the hospital after Will was born just to introduce themselves and check on us. I wish we had a Dr. Cheshier and Mary Lynn here!

  7. Poor thing!!! That is NO fun. The pictures of her are so sad, too...she looks wiped out. Hope she gets to feeling better soon! :)

  8. When my girls had CHIPS, the wait was always that long--it was horrible! Even the non-sick one was a grumpy mess by the time we left the doctor's office!

  9. Hello Sarah! I happened upon your blog from Mary Kate's and enjoy reading it. Ava is soo cute! My hubby Brandon Stewart used to work with you at AOG and I met you once right after I had my daughter, Scarlett. Anyway, I just had to comment on this because we had a nightmare of a time with our pediatrician. We chose to use Dr. John at Pediatric Partners when Scarlett was born and the ONLY time we ever saw Dr. John was when we were in the hospital. Every other check up he was always booked and we had to see someone else. The other doctor's are nice but it was frustrating constantly seeing someone different. Anyway, Scarlett got a HORRIBLE ear infection when she was 3 months old. I called them (by the way the majority of the receptionists are really rude) and they told me it was probably just a cold and there was nothing they could do. Well she continued to run a fever for two days so I called back in the morning two days later and they told me their sick baby visits were all booked and I would have to take her to a walk in clinic (my 3 month old, no thanks). I finally got her in the next day and waited for 3 HOURS!! Then, I got a lecture from the doctor because she was so sick even though I had been calling and calling and kept getting blown off!! Anyway, sorry for the book but needless to say we switched and we now use Dr. Ashcraft who is AMAZING. She is with Sparks Pediatrics, which I am not a fan of Sparks, but she is worth it and her nurse is also wonderful. If Scarlett is sick I can call and they will tell me to be there in an hour. No back and forth on the phone junk. I am sure everyone has a crazy story about a pediatrician but I just wanted to share mine. :o)


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