Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hodge Podge

First things first: I wanted to thank those who have been praying for my friend and her baby. Mom and baby are doing much better. They determined the infection to be E. coli. Thankfully it wasn't meningitis. Natalie got to go home today and baby Noah will be discharged next Wednesday. Please continue to pray for this family.

Now then... we have had an extremely busy week. We have not had one night where we've been home together so we're looking forward to the weekend!

Ava has discovered stairs - oh my! Here she is staring up the stairs (haha) at Grandma's house!

I could eat her up!

I do wish she was slightly more scared of stuff... who needs birthday toys when you have birthday boxes?

(yes, she did this all on her own).

And now the biggest thorn in my side at the moment... Ava came home with a mark on her belly from school on Monday. This picture was taken Wednesday

We are fairly sure it was a bite mark. On the bottom, there were four little red marks and on the top there were 3 (slightly bigger) little red marks. So, my problem is not that she was bitten, b/c we are having a bit of trouble with her biting. She's bitten twice at school. She's getting her 1 year molars and I think that it just feels good. So twice we've been told about this and she's gotten a report filled out. Well, we weren't told anything on Monday when we picked her up. I asked her teacher Tuesday morning and she said it did look like a bite mark and that she'd ask the other teacher b/c it didn't happen while she was around. Well, when I picked up Ava on Tuesday, the other teacher said that it did look like bite marks but they think she fell on the playground and that it wasn't a bite b/c Ava is the only one in the class that bites!!! I was a little frustrated by this!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe that in a class of little toddlers that not one other could possibly bite besides Ava? I reazlie she'd been doing it, but sometimes things happen and you can't always see everything. I think bite marks are pretty distinguishing - just frustrating as a parent. We had discussed finding a new daycare earlier in the summer just because of the weird hours ours is open and the constraints it can cause when something out of the blue occurs, but we'd kind of put that on hold. Now, I'm thinking we need to start looking again. What do you think? How would you have felt if someone watching your child had disregarded your concern about your child being bitten? Would you feel the same way? Would you leave your kid there? I look forward to hearing some different perspectives! :)

(Just to clear the air - Ava loves her school and other than this, we've had no other problems. I'm just really torn and I just basically am asking your opinion for affirmation that I'm not overreacting, b/c let's be honest - we know I can do that!)


  1. Oh My Word..........girl, I would have been very upset. ALL toddlers bite!!! They don't know they are hurting anyone, it just feels good on their gums. I would be very angry. No teacher should ever make a mother feel like their baby is a problem like that. And a director should NEVER disregard ANY concerns. Even if they think they are silly concerns she should follow up on them. Do you have any other schools that you would consider taking your sweet girl to? I am sorry it has been a rough week.

  2. You sound a lot calmer than I would have been! Yes all kids usually go through the biting and I'm sure the other kids are no exception. I would be furious that they didn't tell you about it regardless if it was a bite or a playground issue. I would be looking for another place to keep my child. Bless her heart and yours!

  3. i'd start looking. somebody who's not concerned with a bite mark isn't somebody i want in charge of my munchkin all day. if you're getting a bad vibe, it's time to go.

  4. That picture of her on the box is so cute!!

    And wow, I am SO sorry about the situtation with her are definitely not overreacting! Aside from the fact that the statement is untrue given that age group, it is completely inappropriate and unprofessional...I would be very upset. Good luck with whatever you decide! :)

  5. Don't ever question your mommy instinct because usually it is right on the mark! :) That is unbelievable. I would completely look for other care options. I can't even believe how they said that to you! I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this.

  6. I would have been freaking out too! So if Ava is the only "biter" do they think she bit herself on her own belly?!?! So sorry you are having to deal with this!! Hang in there!!!

    Sheri Fuhrman

  7. I can't believe the school is acting this way :(

    Cute pictures of Ava on the boxes. We spend so much money on the toys when we could have just bought boxes, right? :)

    I hope that you will check out my giveaway. It ends on Firday!

    Lisa :)

  8. Honestly, Sarah, I don't think you overreacted AT ALL...I mean, were they implying that Ava bent in half and bit herself?!?! That obviously does not look like a playground accident. Biting is going to happen anywhere you take her, but respect for you and your feelings is VERY important when it comes to Ava's caregivers. I'm so sorry this happened. If you want to know what I would do: I would get on a waiting list and when a spot becomes available, you guys can decide what's best for Ava and you guys. I hope you can come up with a good solution. I wish I lived there...I would tell you to bring Ava here!!

    Oh, and I LOVE the picture where she is standing on the box. We've got to get our dare devils together some day!!

    p.s. My friend has sent BOTH of her children to First Methodist and she is VERY picky about their care and has never had a complaint. Just FYI.


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