Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fast paced life

I just love the picture of a little baby who is awake, but is still in the process of waking up.

Cute, no?

Anyway... life here is busy as usual. We have SO many things going on this week. Zach got sick at the end of last week with a respiratory infection. I'm thankful that's all it was but unfortunately I think we are just biding our time until something worse hits. The flu is pretty rampant around here and while we are certainly praying to stay healthy, I know we might not.

Speaking of the flu... are you getting the vaccine for H1N1? Are you giving it to your kids? I'm really on the fence about it. Obviously I don't want Ava to get swine flu, but I'm a little concerned just b/c the vaccine was put together so quickly and there isn't a whole lot of research about it. Our pediatrician wants her to get it, but we haven't decided yet. I'm leaning more towards no at this point, unless I just hear something that totally overwhelms me to change my mind.

And speaking of health... we had to go the health center today to get Ava's 1 year shots. I hate CANNOT STAND going to that place. Ick! People amaze me too. This woman walked in with two boys, probably about 13 and 11, and a little girl just a little older than Ava. The girl had on NO shoes and was just walking all over the place. Then the mom goes up to the window and grabs and huge handful of condoms and gives them to her older son!!!!!!!!!!!! She told him that way he wouldn't have any Kaylies (I assume the name of his sister)!! Seriously, he couldn't have been older than 14. Wow..

And in other news... tomorrow we go back to the orthopedic dr to have Ava's arm x-rayed. He will make sure the bone is healing correctly. Also, can you see something different in this picture?

If you said Ava's cast is a different color, then you're right! We had a mishap with a bath this weekend and her cast got soaking wet. I felt awful because her cast was so wet! Thankfully, the way the dr wrapped it, I was able to unwrap it and buy some more stuff to re-wrap it. I had to dry the hard plaster cast part with a blow dryer. So I'm going to have the doctor check it tomorrow to make sure I didn't mess it up too badly.

And lastly, I'm so amazed at all the things Ava is picking up these days by watching us. She sees brushes and puts them up to her head like she's brushing her hair. She thinks EVERYTHING is a telephone...

It is so cute when she picks up our phones or a remote and puts it up to her ear and starts jabbering like she's having a conversation. Too adorable.

And another things she was practicing (pre wrist breaking in this picture) was putting on her own shoes and socks. She is very determined to figure this out and has a serious case of the "I want tos" as in "I want to do it myself". I realize this is how she learns but oh the drama when Mom or Dad try to help!

So that's what's going on in our lives. What's new with you?


  1. Hey Sarah! Ava is at such a fun age, and she's such a doll too! Our pediatrician here has finally gotten the H1N1 vaccines, and I'm taking my kiddos in next week to get one. Everything I keep hearing on the news (aka the Today Show...I'm a junkie!) says that it's safe. I'm a Dr. Nancy Snyderman fan, and she keeps saying it's safe and that it would have been included in the regular flu vaccine if it had just surfaced earlier. I understand how you feel, though. When K was a baby and got just old enough for the regular flu shot, I decided not to get it for her. I did go ahead with it the following year though (and every year since then). These kinds of decisions ARE hard to make!

  2. Your pediatrician doesn't give shots at his/her office? I have to say it is so nice not to have to go to the health department for ours because you are right - it is nasty there and you never know what kind of people you will run in to there! I don't want to touch anything there including the chairs!! Go home and wash your pants if you sat down. HA!

    I was all for getting my boys the H1N1 shot but now I have decided against it. We got the regular flu shot though. I have heard too many negatives about side effects. I have a feeling that it may not even be an issue because I am afraid we will all get sick before the shot is available anyway. From what I hear the flu is worse on teenagers for some reason and babies and elderly seem to recover ok.

    Little Miss Independent Ava is just too darn cute! I love the pictures!!!

    Here is to hoping we all stay well!

    :) Sheri

  3. Next week our school is offereing the H1N1 flu mist to all our students with the permission from the parents of course...

    I don't know what to think about it since they are injecting the LIVE VIRUS with this mist??

    You have had a busy week. I am glad she is adjusting to her cast...too funny about the bath mishap.

    Hope all is well at the doctor with her check-up!

    Happy Wednesday!

    Lisa :)


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