Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Broken wrist update

We went to the orthopedic doctor today to check out Ava's wrist. I must say, from start to finish, the appointment was great. We were there less than 40 minutes total - including filling out new patient paperwork, giving insurance information, getting called to an exam room and visiting with the doctor! That's my kind of appointment!

Here's Ava looking pathetic waiting on the dr (I assure you she looks way worse here than she has actually been - I don't know why she looks so puny)

The verdict was that the wrist is broken. It's a good, clean break as far as breaks go. He decided not to give her a hard cast. He said that for children this small, their little arms are so small that they have a hard time getting the hard cast conformed to their body as well and that when they put one on a small child, the child typically pulls it off within a week! So, she is still wearing the one she got yesterday. No pretty colored cast for her! Anyway, if she happens to get this one off, we'll go in and get another one. She has to go next Wednesday to get another x-ray to make sure the wrist is healing correctly.

I have to say she is handling this amazingly! She doesn't seem to be in much pain today and she is adjusting to the cast fairly well. She sometimes just looks at it like she wonders what it is!

She has hit herself (and me!) with it a time or two. She also likes the sound it makes as she bangs on the door or the oven door. I'm a little worried she might hit a kid with it when she goes back to school!!!!! She stayed home with me today after her appointment just so I could make she was not in any more pain and that she was adjusting to the cast ok. Eating is a bit of a challenge. We've been covering her arm with a plastic baggie so she's not tempted to use her right hand. A cast with food on it could get mighty gross after a month!

We're still very thankful that it's not any more serious. We obviously would prefer that it hadn't happened, but it's a part of life and she should be as good as new in about 3-4 weeks. I want to thank everyone who has been sending well wishes and prayers! We most definitely appreciate them! :)

Ava says thank you too!!!!


  1. so glad my girl is going to be okay! is her present there yet?????

  2. Oh no! I am just catching up now! Poor little sweetie! I am so sorry and hope she heals quickly.


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