Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My poor baby

A little before 9:00 this morning, my work phone rang. I glanced at the caller id and saw that it was Ava's school. Obviously being a parent, you never like to see the number of the place that has your kid. I figured they were calling to tell me that she had been biting and/or was being bad or sick! So I answered and it was the director and she started out by saying that she hadn't been climbing, that she'd just been set down and I was thinking ok... so what's up? Then she said that she'd fallen and that she was really upset and crying very hard and that she kept nursing her arm. So, I packed up my stuff, called the dr. and went off to get her.

I got there and she was just boo-hooing. She came to me and finally settled a little and they showed me what had happened and how she'd fallen. Basically.. she had just gotten her diaper changed and she was set down. She took off running and fell and when she put her arms down to catch herself, her little hand caught on the bottom of the bookshelf and she jammed it. They said she had gotten upset when she fell, but that she got ticked when they put ice on the arm and that was when the major crying started. This happened when she was in her first room, with her teacher from last year, whom I adore! I know this sweet lady was so incredibly upset and I hate that. It was a total accident. Ava falls alot every day just b/c she tries to go faster than she is able!

So I'd called the dr and they told us to come in and as soon as he got in from seeing babies at the hospital he came straight to us. He looked at her little arm and wrist and said that he didn't think it was broken but we needed an x-ray to be sure. Then I had to lug her and her stuff downstairs to another pediatric clinic,wade in and out of all the sickies there (yuck!), register as a patient there (solely to use their x-ray services), and then wait to get her little arm x-rayed. We got that done fairly quickly and headed back upstairs with the pictures. He came in the room with a not so good look on his face and he said "I think it's broken". I think I was shocked when he said this. She'd been playing a little and hadn't been too upset unless someone touched her arm and I figured it was just a little sore. But he showed me the x-ray and I could see the spot he was looking at. She does in fact have a broken wrist. He didn't have a splint small enough for her little arm so tomorrow we are heading to an orthopedic doctor.She has a temporary little cast and tomorrow she will get a real one and we find out how long she'll have to wear it.

I am physically and emotionally exhausted tonight. It's been a looooooooooooong day and I know we have more ahead tomorrow. However, I'm very thankful it's not more serious. It could have been a lot worse so I'm thankful it isn't. I'm thankful her school called me to get it checked out. I know I've had problems with them, but they handled today very well. They called once earlier to find out if it was broken and then this evening, the director called me to check on her which I appreciated.

As far as Ava, she is handling this really well! She is a little confused but she is adjusting to having a cast on her arm. Her biggest struggle is when she falls down (yeah, she's still doing it), she puts weight on it to stand back up and she doesn't realize that it hurts until she does it. I think another huge hurdle is going to be eating. She usually shovels it in with two hands but it will all work out. It's obviously not a great thing to happen, but it could have been so much worse so we're thankful!

Waiting during her 1st emergency trip to the doctor

Poor baby was pooped! In fact, she fell asleep while we were waiting for the dr to come back and wrap her arm. She didn't even wake up while he put her cast on!!

She kept pulling at the little bit of gauze that was sticking out. She even tried to eat it....

Sporting her little cast! It's got a hard underside and she's been walking around banging it on things.. I can tell we have a fun month or so ahead of us!


  1. Bless her little bones! I hope she heals quickly! I'll say a prayer for her (and you too, Sarah!).

  2. poor little baby and mommy! you are handling it so well! I would be a nervous wreck. sweet thoughts, love, and prayers are sent your way today!

  3. poor little pumpkin!! she is just too cute for words... i am so sorry that BOTH of you had to go through... sending lots of healing prayers your way!

  4. Oh Sarah...........I am SO sorry! Poor sweet little Ava. I will be praying for her little bones and for mommy. I know yesterday had to be a very hard day for you. Please let me know if you need anything!

  5. Wow! She seems to be such a little trooper during the whole ordeal! We'll be praying for a quick and full recovery!! - Iva

  6. oh my gosh!!! i can't believe what a rock you are ... i'd be a puddle! praying for our sweet girl to get well soon!!!

  7. Oh...my! I am glad the school called you and you could get her into the doctor.

    Hopefully she will recover fast. Praying for you and her this week!

    Lisa :)

  8. poor baby!!!!!! so sorry to hear this. sounds like she's being a trooper!


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