Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sour Patch

Oh Ava - you've got them fooled!

She looks like this sweet, little angel when in reality she's turned into a monster child! No, seriously... I don't know where my sweet baby has gone, but I'd really like her back!!!

It seems like right after her birthday being bad became a way of life. She has gone from easy going, sweet natured, mom and daddy lovin' to a temper tantrum throwing, screaming when she doesn't get her way, I think I'm the boss little girl. And Momma don't like it!! She even makes her body go limp with dead weight when we pick her up and she doesn't want to be picked up! All of this drama at 1 year old? No, thank you!

I'm really praying that this is just a phase. I think she sees a lot at school (she's the youngest in her class and some of the older kids are 2+) and I think she's picking up some waaaay bad habits. I'm still on the lookout for other care options but we can't leave until we have something new lined up, so until then, I guess she's going to be learning from the other hoodlums children.

However, I'm assured that she only acts this way at home, which I guess(??) is a good thing. I've asked at school and they said no tantrums there and my sister was quick to point out that she doesn't act that way at their house. So I guess it's just because she thinks mom and dad are softies. Well, not so sister! We have got to set boundaries now because I refuse to let my 1 year old run our house. Ain't happenin'.

So before anyone thinks I'm a mean ole momma, I will say that she still gets plenty of loving and sweet treatment. When she is well behaved we praise her constantly and when she's bad then she gets stern talking tos and she's even become a participant of time out! Any pros out there have suggestions? Please tell me I'm not the only one whose child began acting so poorly at such an early age???

She's like those Sour Patch kids..

She's sour one minute and sweet the next!

Proof that the sweet does still exist!!


  1. LOVE THIS POST!!!!! now i'm not the only one with a drama queen. ha! the wild woman is pretty intense these days, and the fits are pretty common. i'm looking at it as a prep course for the teen years. we may need to move closer to each other so we can form a support group! loves to the little sour patch girl!

  2. You are not alone! Luke began the same type of behaviors at about 18 months, so not quite as young as Ava, but NO FUN at any age =( You are on the right track though- set boundaries now when it's just beginning or it will only escalate. Stay strong and you'll get through it! Luke is 2 1/2 now and while he can drive me crazy sometimes, he can make me laugh until my stomach hurts with the things he says and does these days. It's all part of the ride of raising little ones ;) Good luck!

  3. oh girl, my caroline is 5 and i'm still waiting for the "phase" to end! i think it's a girl thing, and the drama goes with the territory! my fair haired maiden is way more work than my 3yr. old TWIN boys. sorry i have no words of wisdom, as i'm still trying to figure it all out myself.

  4. I'm with Jenna. I'm currently trying to figure out a new discipline technique for Miss K, our 5 year old, because the current just ain't cuttin' it! Good luck! (By the way, I think time outs are probably good for that age. That still works with Mr. W.)

  5. Ahh the dreaded tantrums..Unfortunately, mine is 4, and her attitude is still giong strong! It seems as though what worked as discipline yesterday doesn't work today! Ha! We have had time out chairs, the corner, sent to her room, and now she gets things taken away! I know I am such a mean Mom! They are just trying to test their boundries! Hang in there!!!

  6. Love your story! I hope that this is just a stage she is going through and it does not last too long. I have not had any experience in sorry! Good luck, sounds like you have a plan and it is the weekend!

    Lisa :)

  7. First I have to say - I LOOOVE her cute bare feet. I have a "thing" with baby feet. I am always kissing on Eric's and he thinks it is so funny. :)

    I feel your pain on the attitude! I was just thinking tonight as Eric slapped me across the face that I wanted my sweet, cuddly baby boy back!!

    I don't think it is as much how she sees other kids at school behave as it is just a phase she is going through.

    We started Nathan on the time outs at about 1 year - we use the "Super Nanny" method, of placing them in the corner for a minute per their age and don't hold them there or talk to them or threaten -just put them in the same spot and walk away. It is just a given that for unacceptable behavior he went straight to the corner, no warning and no questions asked. I must say Nathan spent very little time in the corner - he really was and still is a pretty good kid. Eric on the other hand is the polar opposite of Nathan. I tried the time out thing for him one day and he just laughs at me and runs off or throws himself down in a fit. He doesn't "get it" like Nathan did. Just the idea of being punished was enough for Nathan. I totally agree with you that my child is not going to run my house. I guess we just have to hang in there and as they say - "this too shall pass"!!! :)

    Sheri Fuhrman


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