Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Little Miss Fashionista!

Or so she thinks…..I can’t believe Ava is already getting particular about what she wants to wear. Twice already this week, she has wanted to change clothes because she wanted to wear something other than what I picked out. Um, seriously? You aren’t even two yet, Ms. Thang. Oh how I pray the strong willed stubbornness will be to your benefit later in life.

One of her most recent favorite past times is to dress/undress herself even if she already has clothes on.


Watch out Vogue! She’s headed your way!  IMG_0849 She is also really into makeup these days. She thinks she needs to have some (as well as deodorant – seriously, she sees us use it and lifts her arms… ) so I sometimes pretend to put some on her and she gets oh so excited. I’ve even taught her how to open her eyes really wide (and apparently her mouth) to apply mascara! Love it! IMG_0861IMG_0859IMG_0862Now if she’d just leave a bow in we’d be in business! Maybe one day!


  1. Lol, how funny and cute! The makeup and dress up days have been wearing me out here lately. I find Charli Beth in my makeup daily. Most of the time she looks like Mimi with the brightest blue eye shadow on.

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  3. LOVE her and her little 'divaness' :) Ava was about two when she started fighting me on clothes, so i started giving her 'choices'. I'd pick two outfits, and she got to 'choose' ! It worked really well for us because she thought she was making the decision :)

  4. So funny- she is honestly too cute for words! : ) I definitely think you have a fashionista on your hands, haha!

  5. Haha!!! I love it!! That is so funny. I'm sure I have the same thing to look forward to. She is a doll. Loving all that hair too!

  6. Our journey has begun!… secretly though

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    Exciting things going on around here!

    ~ the {secret} *Maybe* Baby Mama

  7. lol she is so funny... i love these photos!


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