Sunday, January 2, 2011


A new year. Time for fresh starts and new beginnings. I could not have spent my first day of the new year in a better way! (Ok, maybe I could have slept in past 6:00, but waking up early was more than worth it for how I spent my day!)

I spent yesterday laughing, talking, eating, and having the BEST time with Candace, Kristy, and Jill! We’ve all read each other’s blogs for a while, and since we’ve all been on twitter this year, we’ve gotten even closer! I knew Jill from college (Woo Pig Sooie!) but hadn’t seen her since. Kristy and I met in November for lunch. I’d never met Candace but we both have Ava's and she is my comrade working mom!

So, here’s our day! Jill lives almost equally between Candace and me so we decided we’d hit up her town for the day! Kristy lives right on my way so I set out around 7:00 and headed towards Kristy! We met up at her house and she took over the driving! I got to meet her adorable daughters. I love that blogging makes you feel like you know someone and have forever. We seriously talked the whole 2 hours to Jill’s!

IMG_0156 Candace beat us there, and while we were still driving, she and Jill made a Starbucks run! In the meantime, Kristy and I arrived and she texted her husband Jill’s address just in case something were to happen to us! ha! We laughed because all of our husbands were skeptical about this and had the same thought: “what if you get there and it’s really some perverted man?” Thankfully, everyone was who they said they were!

Ok, so from the time we got there, to the time we left, we talked NON-STOP! There were seriously no breaks in conversation!!  We went to lunch and they stuck us in a booth in the very back – we joked that they must have known that we had some serious talking to do!!!

Jill and Kristy at On the BorderIMG_0159

Me and CandaceIMG_0160

Group shot!IMG_0161

After lunch, Jill drove us around her town to show us the highlights! As we were driving, we were laughing about the concern people had about us meeting up!

Sweet Candace told us she went to the website of Jill’s school district and showed her husband a picture of Jill to confirm she was, in fact, a teacher there!!!!!IMG_0162 

Jill telling C told hold up because she had NO clue that she had a picture out there on the website. Jill, I checked it out a while ago – it is there! And it’s a good picture! :)IMG_0163

Kristy just enjoying the ride in her dream car! :) IMG_0166 

We also went to stand in two states at one time!   IMG_0168


Afterwards, we had some yummy ice cream and talked some more. We seriously were walking out the door to go home still having conversations. We were trying to get it all in before we left.

Kristy and Candace at Jill’s caaaaaaaaa-ute house!IMG_0171

Jill and me before saying goodbye IMG_0172

This was seriously one of the most fun days ever!!!! It’s so sad that girls that I am so close to don’t live close enough to see on a regular basis!!! I’m so grateful for the time we got to have!! Jill pretty much summed it up with the text she sent us after we left: “If i could still find them at Claire’s, I’d buy us those matching bff necklaces that look like interlocking hearts!!” Kristy and I got a huge kick out of that on our ride home!! Thank you girls for taking the time out of your busy schedules to meet!! I cannot wait for next time!!!!!


  1. LOVE the recap! And I'm totally swiping the pics! Hahaha!

    Love ya girl! This was the best way to spend 1/1/11! We need to start planning Dallas SOON!

  2. love love love your recap :) what a great way to start the new year!! I have to admit though, it did make me even more sad that we all don't live closer!!!


  3. That's so neat, Sarah! Looks like so much fun and I loved getting to hear about it Saturday night at dinner!

  4. Looks like you guys had so much fun!! The pictures are great...that one of her saying hold up about her picture being on the site made me laugh out loud. Bet you guys laughed non-stop...good times! :)


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