Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Walking contradiction

Thanks for the help on my previous post about Disney! I have lots of research to do!

Last night, for a change, Ava was hamming it up for me for the camera. So unusual for her.IMG_2185 IMG_2188I LOVE LOVE LOVE her precious curls. Love.them.IMG_2189

Tonight was my 2nd class for Financial Peace University! My work is offering this class and I signed up for it. We got a great deal! They are paying for half of it, and we get to do one of the 2 hours on work time, and the other on our time. I have already learned SO much and am excited to apply some of the lessons to our lives. Zach is totally on board and we are sharing ideas and ways to improve our financial being. I think this will be really beneficial to us and our financial future. Have any of you done FPU? Thoughts? Suggestions??

And because this is just a little contradictory to my taking FPU, let me just share with you this bag I am currently drooling over.purse

Seriously. My friend Amanda has this and I saw it last week when we had lunch. I want it SO bad. I’m not usually that way about purses, but man I like this one!

So how’s your week going? Tomorrow is hump day, and I for one am ready for another weekend!


  1. I just love Ava's curls too!!! Precious!!

  2. Cute bag!I am drooling over a new Vera bag...hopefully the hubs picks it up for Valentine's Day!

  3. okay seriously, ava's hair is rediculously gorg!!! can i PLEASE get curls like that? seriously, so so cute. and i am going to work my majic on that bag, just you wait and see!!!!! love ya, friend!

  4. I love those curls! So sweet!!
    Happy Wednesday!! xoxo

  5. ohhhhhh the curls. LOVE. and ohhhhh the purse. LOVE. ha!

    my personal opinion is that budgets/fiscal responsibility do NOT apply to purses! get it, sister!



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