Sunday, January 9, 2011

Where’d the snowman go??

We, like much of the south, have gotten a little bit of snow this afternoon/evening!! After it first started, we told Ava to go look at it out the window, and she asked us about a snowman! I’m not even sure how she knows about snowmen. I found her in her bedroom like this….IMG_0191 ….so I told her we could get bundled up and go outside and see the snow falling for a little bit.IMG_2068 IMG_2083 She kept asking “where’d the snowman go?” while we were out there and one time she asked it while she had her hands out! So cute!IMG_2082IMG_2088

She got snow on the bottom of her pants in the back and I told her to look at it, and she couldn’t figure out how to turn around and see the snow back there!IMG_2086IMG_2087

Love this shot of her face and eyelashes!IMG_2092IMG_2096 

With as cold as today was forecasted to be, we thought a pot of chili would be the perfect meal! Ava had never tried chili before but we let her taste it and she wanted it. It was a huge hit!IMG_0199 

A view of our driveway tonight:IMG_2098

I know Zach is hoping for a snow day tomorrow! He promised Ava if they were out they’d try to build a small snowman! If you have snow around you, stay safe and warm!!!

***The adorable hat Ava has on is from All Warm and Fuzzy! There are lots of different styles to choose from and you can have it made in custom colors! These are the sweetest hats – check them out!


  1. LOVE her! I think it's adorable that she's saying 'Where the snowman go?'

    The hat looks so sweet on that little cutie! I'll snag some for the W&F page! ;)

  2. Ava looks so happy!! I just love that hat - so cute!


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