Sunday, April 10, 2011

Things I’ve been asked..

First of all, thank you all so much for your sweet words on my last post! It’s so exciting to be sharing this with everyone. I didn’t start blogging until I was close to having Ava so it will be fun to keep track of this pregnancy on here!

Upon hearing that we were having a baby, there were steady streams of questions and I thought I’d address some of them here!

- How long have you known/when did you find out?

I took a pregnancy test on Thursday, January 27th and it was negative. I told Zach that I was going to test again on the next Thursday but couldn’t wait. I got a positive test on Tuesday, February 1st.

- How did you tell Zach?

The day we found out was actually one of the several snow days we had here and Zach and Ava were both out of school. He got up and wanted to get a shower before Ava woke up so she wouldn’t one and I told him I was pregnant. He just kind of looked at me and I showed him the test. I think he was in shock. :) No special way of sharing – I was way too impatient!

- How did you tell your families?

We found out about the baby during the time when Zach’s grandmother was very ill in the hospital. We didn’t know when we would be able to get with them and share our news so a few days after we found out, Zach called and share the news. That same night, we went to tell my mom. I put Ava in a “big sister” shirt and put a jacket over it. My mom and sister were there and my mom never did notice the shirt. My sister saw it and read it and said “Are you pregnant?!” about 3 times before my mom realized what she was saying! We then took a picture of Ava in her shirt and texted it to my dad.

- Have you been to the doctor?

Yes, I’ve been to the doctor twice now. My first appointment was on March 2nd and we got to see our little bebe for the first time. At this point, I was 7w3d. I went again on March 31st and instead of trying to listen to the heartbeat, my doctor let us take another peek, which is the photo I posted in my last post.

- When are you due?

My official due date is 10/16. At my last appointment, the u/s measured the baby at 12 weeks even, though according to my due date I was 11w4d. The due date was not adjusted.

- How are you feeling?

I have been feeling alright. I’ve had the normal first trimester symptoms. I’ve been incredibly exhausted but am thankful my energy slowly seems to be returning. I have had a little bit more morning sickness this time than I did with Ava, but I am in no way complaining. My morning sickness mostly consisted of just feeling nauseous and wanting to gag. It could have been much worse! I also have a few other symptoms but none that anyone probably wants to read about! ha!

- Does Ava know?

Yes, Ava knows though I’m not sure what she grasps. Some days people will ask her if she wants her mama to have a baby and she says “NO!” Other times, she will rub my belly or give it a kiss and say “hi baby!” Some days she says she wants a girl, others a boy. I’m not sure it will be real to her until she sees the baby!

- How is this pregnancy different from your first?

Let me just say, I had a very easy pregnancy with Ava and I LOVED being pregnant. So far, this one has been a little tougher, but it’s still not been very bad. I’m VERY fortunate. One major difference(between the ms mentioned above), is my appetite. Almost immediately, I was RAVENOUS! I seriously could not got enough to eat! I was starting to wonder if there were two in there with as much as I wanted to eat. Fortunately that disappeared fairly quickly. The ms has also been worse and lasted a little longer than it did with Ava. I’m just thankful it was just nausea. I also felt this baby move several weeks earlier than I did with Ava. I felt Ava relatively early for a first time baby, and this one I felt very early. I love it though!!!

- Do you want a boy or a girl?

I know it’s so cliché, but we really just want a healthy baby. That being said, I know Zach would LOVE a little boy. Me? I’m sure a little boy would be wonderful but I know how to be a girl mom! I’m sure I’d learn but it scares me a little. The other thing is that we everything we need if we have a girl. If we have a boy, we’ll have to get some new things. Either way though, we’ll be totally happy. I can’t wait to hold this little baby in my arms!!! We should know in just about 7 or 8 weeks who this little baby is!

So there ya go! These are a lot of the questions I’ve been asked. If you have others, pass them on! :)

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  1. So SO excited for y'all, Sarah! I can't wait to find out if you're having a boy or girl! Either way- there will be so many fun things about each!

    Have a great Monday, sista!


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