Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Happy Easter! Praise the Lord for He is Risen!

I hope you have all have a very blessed Easter holiday! We certainly have!

Friday was a day off for all of us. We had a very productive morning and spent some quality family time together the rest of the day.

Saturday we went to NWA to visit with Zach’s family and to celebrate his birthday. Here’s Ava with her Grandma, Aunt Mal, and Grandma P (as Ava calls her). IMG_0305

This morning Ava woke up to see the Easter Bunny had stopped by our house for a visit! This girl has been SO happy all day because the EB brought her a package of lip gloss!!!!! She hasn’t stopped talking about it all day! Best $1 the EB spent! :)Easter1Easter2Easter3

The EB also hid lots of eggs for Ava to find. Since we’ve had rain for the past eleventy days week, it was super wet out so she was only able to hunt inside. She still had fun though!Easter4Easter5

After egg hunting, we got ready for church. Can I just tell y’all how much I LOVE her dress this year?! I found it in Dallas on my girls weekend in pink but didn’t buy it. I couldn’t stop thinking about it! I did snap a pic of the tag though so when I got home I started hunting and found out they had it in purple and blue! I couldn’t find a blue one, but found this purple one and am so glad I waited – love this purple seersucker beauty! Now I’m secretly hoping for another little girl so I can use this dress again! :)IMG_2473-2

After we came out of church and it was raining yet again, we headed to my parents house. Here’s Ava with my parents.IMG_2527

And our family! Hard to believe that before long there will be another little bebe in our photos! :) Can’t wait! IMG_2529 

We had a wonderful Easter, but are about to have another round of very nasty weather. This is currently the view from my backyard. Yikes!


Praying for no twisters! Hope you have all had a blessed Easter holiday!


  1. Awww! She looks ADORABLE!!!
    Happy Easter! love ya!!

  2. Praying for no tornado!! And I am going to tell you again, I LOVE her dress!!

  3. Can't believe how grown up these girls are looking all of the sudden. Love her sweet dress and precious face! :)

  4. She is so precious! I love her sweet girls. Maybe Ryanne will have hair one day. haha!

  5. Oh man that weather outside is a little bit scary!

    Ava is GORGEOUS in her dress!

    Looks like you had an amazing Easter :)

  6. i love love love her dress! :)

  7. That dress is simply beautiful! Purple is my favorite color so it's definitely the one I would have gone with :) Where did you find it?

    Noelle is a lip gloss lover too! And, we have those same sandals - love them!


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