Sunday, May 1, 2011

Recap of our week and help from you!!!!!

There’s a good reason why I’ve been absent – Zach spent the week in New Orleans, and I had Ava all to myself this week. The week included Ava waking up one night for two and a half hours, outrunning a wall cloud  to get to Ava safely, and a play date. We had a busy week!

Oh, and one other notable thing that happened this week is that I “graduated” from Financial Peace University! Even though I felt like we had good control of our finances and made smart financial decisions, we both learned SO much from this course. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to take it! The amount of debt we were able to pay off during the 13 week course blows my mind, but it just shows what dedication can do!


Friday morning I did not wake up early to watch the Royal Wedding but I did record it and watched live coverage when I woke up to get ready. When Ava woke up, I brought her into my bedroom, I told her we were going to watch a princess get married, even though it had already happened – that sure caught her attention!royal wedding 1 She got really interested when she saw the little bridesmaids and called them “little princesses"! I asked her if she wanted to be a little princess when Stephen and Leslie get married and she said “YEA!” and then ran away and came back with this for me to put on her:IMG_2124 IMG_2123 Don’t you love her morning hair?! :)

She has woken up at 5:30 the past two days – ugh!! And she has been very tired fairly early in the day:

Snow White getting her beauty sleepIMG_2125

Asleep on our way to church this morning IMG_2128 

Okay, wrapping up shortly but first a couple other things! Had a dr appointment Thursday and heard our sweet baby’s heartbeat for the first time!! It was 160 bpm! We find out the gender on June 3! I’ll be almost 21 weeks but my dr is adamant about waiting until a full 20 weeks to get an accurate scan of all organs. Zach and I are divided on our thoughts of the gender. Guess we’ll see!

So that brings me to one of two things I need your help with!

1. I’ve debated having a gender reveal party – I think it’d be fun to tell our family and close friends the baby’s gender all together. After looking for stuff on the internet, I saw A LOT of people discussing how rude they thought the party was – that it would be a gift solicitation and if not, why would anyone think people want to take time out of their busy schedule just to hear whether it’s a boy or girl! Please, please give me your honest opinions on that – would never want to offend or insult our family/friends! But, I’ve only got a month to do it if I’m going to do it! So help please!!!

2. I need some suggestions for good books to read! Things slow down for us in the summer and I have a feeling I might be a little lazy this summer and want some new reading material! So, go! :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! Happy May!!!!


  1. What the HECK?!?! I never thought that a gender reveal was any of that stuff! Do people feel that way about a baby shower too?? Hmph. Fun wreckers. I say ALL THE WAY with the party. I think it would be a BLAST!

    And for books.... I love Lori Wick. All of her's are good and the book 'The Princess' is so so sweet. :)

  2. I say go for it! We had a gender reveal party for our families & nobody had anything but good things to say about it. It was a great/convenient way for everyone to hear the news together & have a fun time. Good luck! Oh, and Ava is so super cute! Love the princess dress!

  3. Totally go for the gender reveal party! I think they're so fun! I haven't attended one, but I love the idea and the pictures I've seen are just so fun!

    Not sure if you enjoy Christian fiction or not, but Francine Rivers has some amazing books! "Redeeming Love" is one of my favorites, as well as the Mark of the Lion series. Mark of the Lion are based during the time of Jesus and told from the perspective of a woman who encounters Jesus in her everyday life. So it's almost historical fiction. Great reads! And if I come up with any more, I'll let you know!

  4. I see no problem with a gender reveal party. If I did one, it'd only be with family, but that's just cuz I'm not much of a party thrower. : )

  5. Definitely have a gender reveal party! They look like so much fun!

  6. I think the gender reveal party is SUCH an awesome idea! What a fun way to tell family/close friends! I definitely think you should go for it!

    Love the pics of Ava with her princess dresses :) I almost bought Noelle the whole Princess Aurora ensemble when we were at Disney this weekend but I thought better of it. It was well over $100 for everything - kind of a waste of $$, ha! Totally stinkin' cute, though!

  7. Book - Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand ... fabulous!

  8. Definitely have a gender party!!!! They are super cute and I think your family/friends will love the gesture of finding out all at once. Plus you get to see everyone's reaction. Don't listen to those crazy people who hate the idea, they probably don't have kids and are boring people...hehe!

  9. I personally think that Gender Reveal Parties are fun and the new thing to do! We are really considering and receiving gifts, has never once crossed my mind? Because how do they know what to get you until after they are there. I also believe that this is a way to make sure that everyone finds out together, instead of hurting anyone's feelings.

  10. I would never think anyone was asking for gifts at a gender reveal party. That is crazy talk. Do it girl! :)


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