Sunday, May 29, 2011

20 weeks pregnant was an exciting week!!!

I am 20 weeks pregnant today! We are halfway there! I am in awe at how fast this is going!

IMG_2715 This is certainly not the most flattering picture of me but I guess pregnancy is like that. I feel like I’m carrying the same way I did with Ava….high, but I also feel like my belly is bigger sooner…

While I am certainly excited for Friday’s ultrasound and to know boy or girl, I am more concerned with finding a healthy baby in there! Praying everything is just as it should be!

This week has also marked some big events!

My baby sister graduated high school! I can’t believe she’s grown up and going off to college! She’s heading off to be an Arkansas Razorback!! We will certainly miss her, especially Ava who thinks Aunt Stephie is the best! Here she is giving the thumbs up right before graduating! Congrats Steph! So proud of you! IMG_0375

Friday was Ava’s last day of school at her current school. She will go some days this summer but a lot of her little friends won’t be there so this was her last day with all her friends! While we are so thankful she will be in a great place next year, it is SO SAD that we are leaving this place. I think I cried more Friday when leaving her than I did on her very first day there!IMG_2706

Mrs. Randi was Ava’s teacher for the past two years, and her little girl, Shelbey, was one of Ava’s first best friends! Her other little best friend was sick this week and we didn’t get to grab a picture of her! :(IMG_0387 

Another BIG event that happened this week is our nephew was born Friday afternoon!!! Welcome Lucas Andrew!!!!!baby lukeIt’s incredible how great our God is! Baby Lucas wasn’t due for four more weeks and his mommy went into labor Friday morning. He is perfectly healthy and went home this morning!!!!! Praise Jesus! Sadly he lives about 6 hours away and we haven’t seen him or loved on him yet, but we cannot wait to meet him in a couple of weeks!!!

We rounded out the week with Ava getting strep throat. Yesterday we had a breakfast date at Chick-fil-a and by 1:00 I knew we needed to go to the dr. She was running fever and her ear hurt. I also mentioned there had been some strep at school so he checked her for that and sure enough she had it. She didn’t get to go to Steph’s graduation party but I’m so thankful we caught it early! She was much better today with no fever!

I’m SO glad we are off tomorrow! Good way to start the week! We plan to get up and go for a walk, work on some pricing for a garage sale and lounge outside in Ava’s new “water pool” as she calls it! :)


  1. You look absolutely lovely! I feel like I am carrying high this time as well. But I carried low before. I cannot wait until you find out which gender you are having, but most importantly like you said I pray for a healthy baby! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend =)

  2. the pictures! Paiton really misses Ava. We have a picture of Ava and Paiton on Paiton's birthday that Randi took. Paiton has it in a frame next to her bed. She calls her, "My Ava." It's so sweet :-) you look great by the way!


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