Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Having some fun!!!

After Ava got over her bout of strep throat, she’s been a busy girl having a whole lot of fun!

Since she and her daddy have some long summer days ahead, we’ve been trying to get some activities together to make their days pass quickly.

Playdoh anyone? We haven’t tried this in a long time. The last time we did, she tried to eat it! I think she has a better grasp on it this time!photo(11)

We also got her a “water pool” as she calls it for the backyard. She was sooooo excited about it. Monday morning was the first morning it had been up and we found her out of bed that morning standing at the back door looking at it. She had a blast swimming Monday afternoon!




We went to a local bounce house tonight for a birthday party. Ava had so much fun! She was a little scared of some of the bigger things and said she couldn’t do it but she did get down this monster slide!IMG_0392  These last couple are from my phone so they aren’t so great, but still cute!


And I know this one is super blurry but check out that form! :)


I bet we’ll be going to lots of birthday parties here and maybe having some there over the years too!

Lots more summery fun to come I’m sure! :)


  1. Oh Lordy! All we ever hear about is the Monkey House!! :) SHE has already decided that's where her birthday party will be in August. I don't think I'll argue with that, though.

    Also, may have to steal both of your other ideas...play doh and the backyard pool! Thankfully, I don't have to spend all summer trying to entertain C while taking care of M. Glad she will still be going to school during the summer! :)

  2. She is so precious! Tell Z if he ever needs a break over the summer he can bring Ava over to play with Kenley. She is always asking about A. :)

  3. Well, I'm just getting caught up!! Ava is gorgeous and getting so big! I'm excited to hear the sex of the baby on Friday...yay!!

    p.s. I voted boy! But if you had another precious little girl, you could see all of Ava's cute outfits again!!

  4. She is super cute! Love those pool photos!

  5. Gracious she's cute! Love her little "water pool" pics! I bet Uncle Stephen would enjoy that bounce house as much as Ava, haha! Hmmmm...maybe that's where I'll suggest for his b-day party this year, haha!

    Can't wait 'til tomorrow to see if it's a girl or boy!!!!


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