Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Well, that was dumb!

My Monday evening did NOT go as planned! Zach and Ava came home and Zach was busy getting dinner ready – we were going to have yummy dinner of grilled shrimp and veggies. Well, everything else was ready, and on the table, and Zach brought in the basket of grilled shrimp. He asked me to help him get it out, and not thinking about it being hot since I had been doing other things and wasn’t really thinking about it being on a hot grill (pregnancy brain at its finest!), I grabbed the handle of the metal basket. As he was saying, “Don’t touch, it’s hot!” a searing pan shot through my hand!

My hand felt like it was on fire! I started crying and put it in cold water. I kept it there for a while and then just got a bowl of cold water and kept my hand in it. (Ava thought this was fun and of course felt like her finger needed to be in the water too.) We started reading online what we needed to do to treat a 1st degree burn, as we’ve not dealt with more than minor burns or sunburns.

After an hour, my hand still felt like it did when it had just been burned and the pain was horrible so I decided to go ahead and go to the walk in clinic to get it checked out.

After an hour of waiting, he declared it was a 2nd degree burn and gave me a prescription ointment to use as well as an antibiotic to ward off infection. He was also going to give me pain pills until I told him I was pregnant (I think they really like to push pills at these walk in clinics!)

It doesn’t look as bad this morning, but the burn goes from the bottom of my palm, up my index finger and also up my thumb. I’ve already got several blisters. Ouch.IMG_2684

This part is definitely the worst….IMG_2680 I’ll survive even though it hurts like heck! Ava was sooo upset – I think seeing me cry and then when I left for the doctor she was so sad. Zach said she kept crying and looking for me out the window. And when I got home, she had a boo-boo on her hand too. It’s nice to be loved.

Not my finest moment, people. Thankful it’s not worse though!

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  1. Ouch! Nick always seems to get burnt taking things out of the oven. He usually just grabs for things without an oven mitt. Too bad he can't blame baby brain for it!


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