Thursday, May 12, 2011

A little brother or a little sister???

That is the question! We are just about 3 weeks away from finding out little Baby E is going to be! I saw on twitter that IntelliGender was looking for mom bloggers who liked reviews – um, yes please! So I filled out the form and got in touch with me and sent me their Gender Prediction Test(GPT) to try out! I was so excited to see this on my door step two days ago!!IMG_2597 I opened it up and found the GPT inside!IMG_2604 And here is everything that came inside:IMG_2610 And the look at the two sides that will gave our answer!IMG_2612 IMG_2611 I woke up this morning and took the test and was excited to see the results!

According to the test, this little bebe in my belly is a….



There wasn’t even a question of what the result was – it was super clear!IMG_2623

Zach saw it and said “See, that’s what I’ve been telling you all along!” I was surprised a little because I’ve had a feeling for the past few weeks that we’re having another girl! I’ll be equally as happy with a bouncing baby boy, my gut has just been telling me otherwise and it was right with Ava! I can’t wait to see 3 weeks from tomorrow if the test is correct!!!! 

The kind people at IntelliGender also sent me a product of my choice from their new line of IntelliCeuticals. These are products that are natural remedies for moms and babies. Since I had issues with my milk supply with Ava, I chose to try baby’s best milk drops. I’m curious to try these and see if they help this time around.IMG_2605

If you would like to try any product from their IntelliCeuticals line, they are offering a 25% discount for these items. Just enter IC025 at checkout. (this does not apply to the GPT.)

Please visit IntelliGender at any of these places:

Thanks IntelliGender for the wonderful opportunity to try the GPT- it was so much fun and will be exciting to compare the results. Thanks also for the baby’s best milk drops!! Can’t wait to try those too!

And just because she wanted a photo while I was taking the photos of all the products, here’s our big sister! :)IMG_2594


  1. oh wow!!!! i can't wait to hear what baby #2 really is! Kind of surprised at the test results --- as i am thinking girl! either way, happy and healthy :) xoxo

  2. Wow:) I can't wait to find out if the test OS right! Exciting! My production has always been on the low side so I hope it works for u:)

  3. This is fun! I bet Zach was SO excited. I have to tell you though- my sister and I both took these when we were preggo with the girls and it said both the girls were boys. So maybe mommas feeling is still right. no telling! Can't wait to find out!

  4. oh, sarah. little boys have a way of stealing their mommy's heart. you need a baby boy.

    they. are. precious.

  5. How neat! I'm so excited for all of us blogger Moms to find out what our babies are! What day do you find out "for sure?"

  6. Can't wait to see if it worked! Little boys are precious! I'm still thinking girl though!


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