Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just random ramblings…

  • I had a doctor appointment today. Everything looked good. I go back in TWO weeks. Wow… can’t believe we are already there.
  • I have another ultrasound on 8/8 to look at Reed’s kidney. Praying there is no more enlargement/swelling!
  • Ava felt Reed kick last night. She was laying close to me and popped up and said “What’s THAT? Is you belly hungry?!” hahahahaha love that girl!
  • I’m starting to wonder a lot more if I’ll be able to nurse Reed. It was SO hard with Ava and I was so stubborn about forcing it that our first few weeks were miserable. My milk supply was HORRIBLE and nothing I tried helped. I’m praying it’s different this time around. Problems I had the first time around aren’t here this time so I’m hopeful that nursing will work!
  • I’m torn on whether or not we are doing a friend birthday party for Ava this year. We have a lot going on that time with Stephen and Leslie’s wedding and it being so close to me having Reed, I just don’t know…. if we do, I have an idea of an easy place to have it which is good. I’ll still have a party for all of our family. What would you do? Am I bad mom for considering not doing one?
  • Anyone heard anymore on the new iphone release? Mine is getting close to giving out but I really want to wait until the announcement of the new one. I’ll either get the new one or the 4 at the reduced price. :)
  • Oh and a shameless plug. I’m looking for some people to host a Pampered Chef party! We have new products coming out in September and the host specials the next few months are spectacular! If you have a catalog party, you seriously have to do nothing but pass around a catalog – EASY!! You can do it from anywhere and hosting a party can earn you $$$$ towards products! So you can get some stuff for free!!!! If you are interested, please email me or leave me a comment so we can discuss! If you mention this post, I’ll throw in an additional gift of a $15 credit when your party reaches the minimum sales of $150!! Pretty please, friends!!
  • My super mom made us dinner tonight. I’ve been craving chicken spaghetti and was going to make it this weekend. Instead, she made it tonight and had us over for dinner. Thanks, Mom!
  • I’m ready for the weekend! I get to see my friend Chenin and I can’t wait to spend some time with her. It makes me sad that so many of my closest friends don’t live here!
  • Today was Ava’s very last day ever at her school she’s gone to since 8 weeks old! She has been going a couple days a week and today was the last one. We are going to miss it there SO much but are so thankful for the time we’ve had there! We’ll miss our friends there too!
  • Ava is going to be in for a rude awakening when school starts! She does NOT go to bed early. We make her go to her bed but she just won’t go to sleep. Some night she’s awake until after 10! How do you force a kid to go to sleep?!
  • And because I don’t want to leave without a picture of my princess, here’s one from a few weeks ago. I can’t believe how big she’s getting!!IMG_2365 

Have a great weekend friends!!! Kudos if you made it through my rambling!! :)


  1. So on ramble about breastfeeding. I had a hard time with my daughter but this time has been pretty easy with my little boy. There are ways to get your supply up if you have issues. is a great resource. Good luck either way. It's hard work!

    And as far as getting your kid to sleep. I HAVE NO IDEA! ha. Mine will start kindergarten in August and she does the same thing! I have just started putting her to bed a little earlier so hopefully she will fall asleep a little earlier. Good luck on that too...

  2. Just relax about the breastfeeding! Being stressed about it won't help. With #4, I had a low milk supply after successfully nuring 3 others. I took an herbal supplement called More Milk Plus. I got it from a local lactation center but you can probably order it online. I wish you the best with nursing! Seek out a lactation consultant!

    No, you are not a bad mom for not having a friend party. I typically only have them for milestone birthdays. We have a huge family so adding in friends just brings on more chaos!

    I have an idea (maybe you've already done it). Host a blog PC party where all your readers can order. Put all the orders in a hat and draw to see who gets the hostess points. I really miss selling PC! I can't have a catalog party right now but would definitely order something! I even blogged about the loss of my favorite spatula!

  3. Praying for the little guy and that you get a chance to breastfeed your son!!

  4. You are in the homestretch! Hoping you can breastfeed easily this time!


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