Sunday, August 7, 2011

30 weeks!

Um. wow! I cannot believe I am 10 weeks or less away from meeting this boy! Where has this year gone? Here I am in all my giant glory.


And just for fun – here’s a 20 to 30 weeks comparison. I have definitely grown. comparison 

Just a few things I want to note: this past week was miserable. I’ve tried hard not to complain too much but this heat is just downright AWFUL! On Wednesday, we broke our city’s all time record high of 113 with the new record of 115. It was also this day that the electricity went off at work around 2:45. I’ve lost count of how many days in a row we’ve been over 100 degrees but it’s a lot. We actually got a little rain this morning and so far today we haven’t hit 100 – maybe today will be the day we break that streak! I’ll be sure and tell Reed how I was pregnant with him during the hottest summer ever!

Tomorrow I have my ultrasound to check on Reed’s kidneys. We are praying that we get good news. I probably won’t know anything until I go to my doctor appointment on Thursday. He said he typically gets results in two days so the timing worked out perfectly to be able to ask questions if need be. We would appreciate any prayers for our sweet boy.

Reed received a package in the mail this past week and look what he got!!!

IMG_2902 Are these not precious?! This is the very first thing I have with his name on it and I LOVE it!! Sweet Holli made these and sent them to us. Thanks again, Holli!

This next week is busy with my ultrasound, dr appointment, open house for Ava’s new school and getting ready for our big girl to start 3 year old preschool next Monday! Hope you all have a great week!!!!!


  1. You look great!! I'll say a prayer for your sweet boy:))

  2. Adorable!!!
    You look wonderful as well, I hope this heat cools down for you!
    I also agree that this year has flown by!

  3. You look great!! I love the name Reed!


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