Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ava’s 1st Day of Preschool!!!!!!!!

Monday Ava started preschool!!! She woke up VERY excited and was ready to go check out her new school and meet some new friends!!!!! But first we had to get some pictures!IMG_2957 

After she put her uniform on, she got goofy!! She was prancing around and dancing and all around very excited!!!Avaschool1

LOVE these next two pictures! I think they show how truly excited she was to be going to school!



Walking in and checking things out!!!!IMG_3000

In her classroom!!!IMG_3001 

She did GREAT on Monday! She started playing and gave us both a hug and kiss and had no problems with us leaving! Tuesday was a different story! She was very upset when I took her and I had to leave her crying! :( She got over it quickly and had a good day. Today was better. She cried a little but when I left she was playing and not crying so that was an improvement!

We’re so proud of our big girl!! She’s had fun and has so much to tell us each day. The funniest thing is that she tells everyone there is mulch on her playground! How she knew what mulch is, we have no clue! We’re praying she has a GREAT year!!!


  1. Wow, she's all grown up!! So glad her week is going well. :)

  2. How cute is she in that uniform??!!

  3. Precious girl! Hoping for a great year for her- it'll definitely be a big year! New school and a baby brother! :)


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