Saturday, August 13, 2011

busy, busy!

Whew – we had a busy week this last week. Zach worked until 8:00 every evening so Ava and I were on our own and we just spent some fun time together after we got home each night.

Monday’s u/s went well. My dr had not received the images as of my appointment Thursday morning. The u/s tech told me she thought everything looked fine. My dr said that he felt they would have called if there had been an issue. He also said he’d call me if he saw something when he got them. We still haven’t heard anything so as far as we are concerned, Reed’s kidneys are just fine! ;)

We also learned he’s head down, but face up. We’re hoping and praying he’ll roll around by d-day so that there aren’t any delivery issues. He has time so hopefully he’ll cooperate and not make things hard on his mama!

Wednesday evening we had open house at Ava’s new school. She LOVED it. She went right to the toys and played for 20 minutes and didn’t want to leave!!IMG_2451 Then she cried because we had to leave her school supplies there. She wanted to take them home. :) I pray Monday morning goes as well. I still can’t believe she’s going to preschool.

One thing I am SO excited about is that Ava and Reed will be going to the same place! Our church has a school from Pre-K3 through 6th grade and just this year they decided to start an infant/toddler program as well. Reed will start there when I go back from maternity leave! Wednesday night we also got to see his classroom and meet his teacher! His class will be very small and I love that! He’s going to get some very specialized attention! :)

Thursday night we met up with one of Ava’s buddies from her old school for a dinner play date. They were SO excited to see each other! We ate. They played. His mama and I talked. They shared ice cream. The best part was when Ava came from the play are and told me he was trying to hold her hand – so funny! :)IMG_0577

And if you can believe it – this was Ava’s first ice cream cone. She’s of course had ice cream, but not in a cone. She definitely enjoyed it, wouldn’t you say?! IMG_0579

I guess my next update will be about Ava’s first day of school! I am praying she likes it as much then as she did Wednesday but it will most likely be a little more chaotic. I’m sure she’ll have a great day!

Our family also got some really great news last night. I feel like it deserves it’s own post so that is coming in the next few days as well. Now, I’m off for a nap while the girl naps! Gotta get rest up while I can. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. So happy that baby Reed is healthy!! I hope he turns around for you!! And Emerson has never had a cone, so maybe I will try it soon:)

  2. I am so glad to see that Reed is healthy and doing well! I hope that he turns around for you. My sister is due Oct 25 and hers is still breech, is very worried about this but there is still plenty of time for babies to turn =)
    I am also crossing my fingers that Monday goes well for Ava as she starts school again


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