Thursday, October 13, 2011

the last couple days

I wish I had more time to post but add in all the stuff going on, there’s just not time. You know the saying when it rains it pours? Yeah…. Tuesday morning I was on my way to the hospital for the 9am feeding and I got a flat tire. I’ve never had a flat tire in my life and I get one when I’m trying to get to my baby in the hospital? Fortunately I was almost to my exit and was able to get to the gas station right off of it. Zach came and aired it up and was (barely) able to get it to where it needed to be to get fixed. After crying, i had to laugh at the absurdity of our life this week. It’s been insane, to say the least.

So… since last time, Ava got to see her little brother through the nursery window. She was SO excited (even though you can’t see it)!!

IMG_3602 IMG_3601

I cannot even believe that Reed will be a week old tomorrow. This week has been somewhat surreal and kind of a blur. But, as hard as it has been, he is healthy and he is healed. His lungs are clear and we are just waiting for him to complete his antibiotics. He will get discharged Monday morning, barring anything else happening. We’re so grateful he’s healthy. We know we are fortunate in the fact that he was not sicker. He’s such a sweet little guy and he already has us smitten with him!


I’m so ready for the next 3 days to be over and to get our baby home. I know that won’t be easy but I’m thinking it will feel like a breeze compared to what this week has been. Thank you to everyone for the continued prayers and support – we wouldn’t have been able to get through this without all the love and support we’ve been shown.

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  1. So happy to see Mommy and Reed pictures!! He is beyond adorable of course! Praying the days fly by so you can get that sweet boy home!!
    Love You!!!


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