Saturday, October 29, 2011

Picture post

I haven’t had a whole lot of extra time to post and I’ve had some requests for new pictures. So instead of rambling, this is really just some pictures. This last week has been hard with transitioning but today it seems like maybe things are starting to straighten out. I hope so. This mama is worn out. But it’s temporary and we’re just trying to enjoy the ride. :)

 IMG_3685 IMG_3689 IMG_3709IMG_3695 IMG_3698 IMG_3718

Happy weekend!


  1. He's SO precious Sarah! Loved getting to see you and Ave (as Cooper calls her) last night! So glad the whole family is home and healthy!

  2. What cuties! Glad to hear that you are getting into a "groove" now. Hope everything keeps going smoothly!

  3. Hope you can get into your groove and get some rest!! He is so beautiful! Ava looks so happy holding him :) Love y'all!!

  4. That second picture of Reed is sooo cute!


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