Friday, October 21, 2011

Reed comes home!!

Monday we got to bring our sweet little boy home at 10 days old! His dr was a little late coming to do his “procedure” so we were actually waiting while it was being done but I was thankful to be there to hold him after.

We were released right around noon and I don’t think we could have had any bigger smiles on our faces!

Dressed to come home and his last time to lay in his little bed!IMG_3630

Ready to bust outta the joint!!!!  IMG_3636

Happy Mommy and Daddy!!!IMG_3638

Ava was SO excited to finally meet her little brother! My heart just melted at how giddy she was to finally get to see him!

Seeing him for the first time!!!IMG_3639IMG_3641  IMG_3647

Holding him for the first time!IMG_3650 IMG_3653

Reed is doing really well so far at home. We had a bit of trouble with nursing when we got home but thankfully in the last day or so that seems to have improved. Hopefully he’ll get back in a groove and we’ll be ok. He’s been sleeping great (which is a huge blessing after Ava never did (and still doesn’t!) sleep all that great!). Last night he actually slept for two four hour stretches which was wonderful!!!!!

Tuesday Ava came home with a banged up nose. She fell at after school care and she has a nice set of bruises and scrapes to show for it. Lovely that this happened the night before our family photos, but thankfully the photographer was able to take care of it! :) This picture doesn’t quite do it justice.



Speaking of photos, here are a few sneak peeks she posted for us! We used Jessica Meinardus Photography and are so excited to see the rest of what she got!!!Reed3 Reed1 Reed2

Yesterday Reed had his first check up. He’s doing great and was back up to his birth weight of 8lbs 3oz. Sweet little boy!IMG_0049

Oh so in love!!!IMG_0035

I think that gets us all caught up! We’re all so happy to be together in one place and with our sweet baby boy home with us. Zach and Ava are both out of school today and we are looking forward to 3 days of us just getting to spend some quality time together!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. loving all of the pictures! So glad you guys are ALL home together and getting settled. and the professional pics y'all had done? FAB. can't wait to see the rest :)

    have a great weekend!! xoxo

  2. I LOVE that last photo; so precious!

  3. My heart is so happy and full for you guys! I have been praying for each of you! LOVE the new professional photos...beautiful sweet family.


  4. aw sooo cute! your family is beautiful!!!


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