Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weekend trip!

Back in December, my parents mentioned that Disney Live! was going to be in Oklahoma City and that they thought Ava might like it. They got tickets for us and the weekend finally arrived. We didn’t tell Ava that we were going to the show, just that we were going to see Poppa for the weekend.
Saturday we did some shopping. Ava enjoyed some play time at the various malls. She was a happy kid to run free!IMG_1057
This little guy started getting sick on our way there Friday. He started coughing a really ugly cough and poor guy does NOT feel good this week. He has a horrible cold. It was just beginning though over the weekend and he was such a good boy, even though he didn’t feel well!IMG_1061 
My parents with the kids before we left to see Disney Live!IMG_4452 Me and my babies!!! I straightened Ava’s hair and think it makes her look soooooo different!!IMG_4453 Another look at her hair! We had lunch at Freddy’s and it was YUM!IMG_1069 
My parents and kids again right before the show startedIMG_4457_picnik Ava was SO excited for the show and to be Snow White! It was so funny – there were lots of little girls dressed up as various princesses, and when they’d pass others, they’d all stare at the other and give them the once over! Ava kept saying “look Mom! There’s Belle!” or whoever we happened to pass. So funny!IMG_1072 IMG_4458 She doesn’t look excited here at all, but she was so enthralled with the show!IMG_1080
We saw Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!IMG_4463_picnik And Cinderella!IMG_4467_picnik And Beauty and the Beast!!IMG_4472_picnik IMG_4473 And Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy were there too!!!IMG_4475_picnik
It was so fun to see Ava so excited about seeing some of her favorite characters! It was definitely a fun weekend!!!

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