Friday, February 10, 2012

Being a mom is the most important job.. but I have another one too

Hi friends! It’s no secret that I’m a working mom. I’ve also not hidden my feelings about my desire for more time with my children. This post tells you where we are today. :)
For those who are new visitors from SUYL, I’m mom to Ava (3) and Reed (4 months). I work full time as an accountant for a local utility company. My husband is a teacher and we just can’t stretch the money far enough without my income. I was incredibly blessed last year when Reed was born by getting to stay home with him for 12 weeks. The first weeks were a little hard because I went from being around people all day to spending my day with someone who could only cry, but by the end of the time, I was in a groove and LOVED it. I don’t think the desire to be with my children more will ever go away, but I have to count the blessings I DO have or else I would spend my time severely depressed.
It’s definitely hard juggling working and getting things done around the house. Our day starts around 5:30 when we hit the ground running and it’s late when we finally get to rest at the end of the day! I spend lots of my lunch hours running errands so that is one less thing to do when my babies are around. I also use my lunch hour to come home and get a chore done if needed.  We have gotten in a good system of menu planning and having dinners more or less prepped so that we can get home in the evening and eat at a decent hour, so the majority of the time can be spent with Reed and Ava. After dinner there is bath time and play time and bed time. In between it all, we find the time to grocery shop, pay bills, balance checkbooks, clean the house (once a week!), and many other things. I have to say that I’m blessed beyond belief with a husband who steps in a does any and every chore to make sure we all get lots of family time. And it also does help that Zach is off during the summer – though let me tell you how hard it is to go to work when my whole family is at home without me!!!
While I don’t get to be with my kids, I am SO thankful we have a wonderful place to send them. Our church has an elementary school and Ava started preschool there this year. She’ll continue there through 6th grade. They also opened an infant program this year which was a HUGE blessing and Reed started there in January. We love this school and our children are so happy and receive such wonderful care and instruction there.
And honestly, if I do have to work, I’m so glad I work with the group of people I do. I’m blessed to have co-workers that I consider friends because I know that isn’t always the case.
The hope is there that one day things might change for us, but until they do, I just count my blessings that since I need a job, I HAVE a job. It helps provides the needs we have, as well as a lot of wants.
I look forward to meeting any other working moms stopping by! I know it’s hard being at home with children all day, but it is a different kind of hard for a mom who works and then goes home to the most important job, taking care of my family!
{These faces are what get me through my day!}IMG_4536


  1. I am also a working mom, and sometimes it's hard to leave my kiddo (especially when he's not feeling so well), but for the most part, he loves his daycare so much it's not so bad. {Maybe I'm a bad mom for admitting that?} Your kids are adorable!

  2. I clicked over from Kelly's Korner! I have two kids, too, (3.5 years and 10 months) and am still getting adjusted to how different it is to have two. I, too, use my lunch breaks either for errands or to work out so I have more time at night with the kiddos. Good post!


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