Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sick Reed!

Last week, Reed starting getting a yucky cough. We could tell he didn’t feel well, but he wasn’t too bad. Even so, my grandma offered to watch him on Monday so he could have some one on one care. He did great and I know she enjoyed the time with him. She offered to watch him again on Tuesday and we let her.
He seemed better Tuesday evening so we decided to send him to school on Wednesday. He came home that evening and we could tell he didn’t feel well, but it’s so hard to judge how bad he is when he goes to bed so early and we don’t see him awake for more than a couple hours. A lot of the kids at his school all were sick with the same symptoms and many of them visited the doctor to find out they just had colds. We thought it was the same case with Reed. Thursday we sent him to school and I got this video from his teacher.

Talk about breaking my heart! I called the doctor and thankfully they were able to see us a couple hours later. I picked him up and took him to the doctor. At this point, he wasn’t quite so sad, but you could tell he didn’t feel well.IMG_1140
Waiting on the doctor.IMG_1142
The doctor determined he had an ear infection, mild bronchitis, and an upper respiratory infection! :( poor little guy! He never ran any fever and it took him several days to get bad. I’m glad I took in him at the first sign of it being more than just a cold. He definitely seems much better and is almost back to his normal self! I’m glad the guy is feeling better. Sick babies are NO fun!


  1. Poor baby Reed! I'm glad the little guy is on the mend! Love you sista!

  2. oh wow, poor Reed. Glad he's getting better. Sick babies are no fun


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