Monday, February 6, 2012

Cupcake suckers!

Or cake pops if you prefer. Cupcake suckers is what Ava calls them. :) Or I have a friend who refers to them as SOAS. ;)
Anyway, I in no way came up with the concept (duh), but enjoy making them and thought I’d share my tips. I think these are tons easier than just making cake balls. Having them on a stick makes them so much easier to dip.
So, make your cake. You can pick any flavor. I went with funfetti. While it’s still warm, break it up into a bowl. IMG_4479 Add your frosting.IMG_4488Mix it all together. I used my Pampered Chef potato masher and it works wonderfully for this! Looks lovely at this point.IMG_4489 Once you get to this point, I highly recommend putting it in the refrigerator or freezer. It’s much easier to shape and mold if it’s cold. Then shape it into balls or whatever shape you prefer. I did some Valentine’s shapes in this batch.IMG_4495 Once they are shaped, I cover them and put them in the freezer. I let them get good and cold before trying to stick the sticks in and dipping them. They are 10x easier to work with after some time in the freezer. I put the sticks in mine and stick them back in the freezer before starting the dipping process. For the outside coating, you can use vanilla or chocolate almond bark or colored candy melts.IMG_4523Melt your coating per the directions. I add a bit of shortening to mine to smooth it out and make it a little more runny. While that is melting, I set up my workstation. IMG_4498Yes, that is a strainer! I needed something to put them in after dipping to avoid a flat bottom. This works perfectly and it is something most everyone already has on hand!
Ava dipped for me while I took pictures. Just take  your cake pop and swirl it in the melted coating. I also tilt the bowl to help get the bottom covered.   IMG_4505IMG_4507Then add your decorations and stick it in the strainer to dry. This is how Ava’s ended up. I was very impressed!IMG_4510IMG_4500 Finished product!!! Normal round ones, hearts, and lips!IMG_1189IMG_1203
These are a fun and easy treat and everyone loves them! They are also great at satisfying a sweet tooth with a small portion! Have fun making yours!!!!


  1. looks good! Kaylee loves cake pops

  2. I made some of these the other easy and SOOOO good!! I love the valentine's day theme.


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