Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a great day celebrating our Lord’s Resurrection! Last week, Ava came home from school one day and told me her teacher had read her a story. I asked her what about and she said, “That Jesus die on the cross. And then He come back. And that makes us SO SO happy!” Precious words.
I love that Ava goes to a school (and will for many years!) where they can talk about Jesus and focus on the important things. They made shirts last week for the kids to wear the last day before their break. Ava was so proud!

We did get a visit from the Easter bunny! Ava was excited for the little goodies left for her!IMG_0182
Reed got a new toy too!IMG_0194
Since we had a threat of rain, the EB hid some eggs in the house for Ava to find!IMG_0196IMG_0199IMG_0202 
We attempted pictures before church. That was no easy feat and it did not produce very many great shots.IMG_0210IMG_0219IMG_0226
We tried a couple more shots after church on this cute bench at my parents’ house.IMG_0239IMG_0243 
This would have been a great family pic if I didn’t look so rough. Lots of no sleeping due to a sickly baby = big dark circles under eyes.IMG_0249
We had a big family lunch at my grandma’s house and after that, headed to my aunt and uncle’s house for our big traditional egg hunt. It’s quite the spectacle. And incredibly fun! Even Reed took part!IMG_0253 Clara and Ava listening to the rules!IMG_0254 We had a very fun and blessed day!

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