Monday, April 16, 2012

Play date fun!!

Saturday morning, Ava and I met up with two of her oldest friends, Samir and Shelbey, and their moms for a play date! We went to a local farm where we picked strawberries, fed the geese and the goats, and petted pigs! We had a blast!

We started with the strawberry picking! IMG_2322Strawberries2IMG_0275

The picking also included some strawberry eating! This farm doesn’t use any pesticides on their crops.IMG_0274IMG_0280

And it included some running around and being silly!IMG_0278IMG_2331 The kids and their buckets of strawberries (plus mine too!)IMG_2332 BEAUTIFUL berries!!!IMG_2334

Me and my favorite girl!! :)IMG_0290

After the strawberries, we let the kids feed the geese and then run around for a bit. We talked about making sure the geese didn’t get angry and get after them, and when we turned to look, they were chasing the geese. It was quite comical!IMG_0291

They still had their Easter Bunny cutout for them to poke their heads through!!

AvaIMG_0295 ShelbeyIMG_2342

Then we went to see the pigs and goats.IMG_0298 IMG_0297 I found it a little humorous that Ava is DEATHLY afraid of kitty cats, but will pet a pig! :) IMG_2343 

The kids also fed the goats! IMG_0300 IMG_0304

They had a bridge for the goats to walk up and a perch for them to sit on, with a pulley to send food up to them. They loved this!IMG_0306

This was the perfect morning play date! The weather was beautiful and the kids (and moms!) had a great time!!!!

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