Friday, July 12, 2013

Confessional Friday: Most Embarrassing Moments

So. Embarrassing moments. We all have them. We’d all like to forget them. ha! Today I’m confessing some because who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh at someone else’s expense?!!!? :)

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Numero uno – When I was about 8 months pregnant with Reed, Zach had to go out of town for a night so Ava and I were on our own. We did a few things that weekend included some grocery shopping, having a meal out, etc. When we were out eating, I don’t remember how it even came up, but Ava looked at the waitress and said “my daddy leave us.” The lady just looked at me like it was the worst thing ever! I explained to her that he was just out of town but I reeeeeally don’t think she believed me. But then she proceed to tell EVERYONE we saw that weekend. A coworker we ran into at the store (who thankfully knew the truth), the cashier at the grocery store. Oh kids.

Numero dos – One of my best friends dated a guy in high school and into our first year of college. After the first year, they parted ways and I didn’t really see him again. A year or so later, we had heard he was back at school and was driving one of the transit buses as a part time job. One morning as the bus rolled into our stop, a guy that looked like his twin pulled up in the bus. My friend (not the one who dated him) and I debated about whether or not it was him and we thought for sure it was. Soooooooo, we start to get on the bus and I climb on and say “Hey Stranger!!!!” And the dude just stared at me. Yeah, wasn’t him. I was sooooo embarrassed but it was soooooo funny. We walked into our 8:00 class and couldn’t control the giggles. It may have been one of those you had to be there moments but I got made fun of for that one for a long time!

Numero tres – I can’t believe I’m sharing this but this was one of those “Oh $h!t! did I really do that?” moments. When Zach and I were dating, we lived an hour apart. He would come down and see me once or twice a week. I was working full time and things were pretty tough at work during a few of the months, so I was exhausted some evenings. We would sometimes just hang out at my house watching movies or tv. One particular evening after a loooong day of work, he was visiting me and I fell asleep on the couch. I was trying really hard to not sleep and felt like I was in and out of conciousness. I was really groggy and just out of it. I was living in one of those am I awake or dreaming moments when Zach woke me up and told me he needed to go home. I was disoriented and confused and all of a sudden I froze. And then I panicked. In what I THOUGHT was A DREAM, I was very unladylike and passed gas. (hey, it happens.) Only it wasn’t a little toot. It was more like a pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft. And as I realized that I had in fact done it in real life, I also realized I’d done it more than once. I sat there for a minute trying to figure out my next move. Do I say something? Laugh? Ignore it? Oh my gosh I was soooooo mortified. I honestly do not remember how long it was before we talked about it. I remember he brought it up one time a while later and did it to tease me. And the fire red cheeks came back. I still laugh to this day thinking about how I felt like such a deer in the headlights. These days? Pretty much nothing embarrasses me in front of him. ha!

Ok, so let me hear your juicy embarrassing stories!


  1. haha love these!

    Funny from me- when I was in college, my boyfriend at the time and I went out to the bar. After, we headed down to the campus lake to sit and talk (and probably make out) except when he leaned in to go kiss me, I puked at his feet. I'm not sure if I had a bug or too much to drink. he didn't care, though. He just drove me home and told me good night and checked on me the next day! LOL

  2. yes, my three year old announced to everyone we saw one day this week, "my daddy is really mean. he hurt my feelings." and i was so afraid someone would think my husband needed a visit from child services, when really she was yelled at for consecutively dumping a costco size quick in her room, having an accident, drinking an entire cup of my iced coffee, and tearing into our herb garden. (it was a pretty angry yell, i will admit, but just a well deserved yell from a fried dad.)


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