Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Poor Reed

This week has been a whirlwind. Saturday morning, Reed came up to me and said “ear hurt”. I didn’t put TOO much into it b/c he says things hurt a lot, but I was concerned knowing his surgery was coming up and that he needed to be healthy!

Sunday morning I noticed that his cyst was very enlarged. It freaked me out a little bit b/c it was the largest it had ever been. At that point, we assumed he probably did have an ear infection, or some kind of infection that was making it so large. Because of the history of walk in clinics and this, we felt like it was best to wait and take him to his own doctor Monday.

This is what he looked like on Sunday:


We took him on Monday and he was looked over. There were no infections to be found in the ears, throat, anywhere, so his doctor determined the cyst itself had an infection. He sent us home with antibiotics and told us that we needed to call ACH to talk about surgery. We talked to the nurse and she told us we’d have to wait and see what the doctor wanted to do. They called about Tuesday mid-day and said that we would need to see if the cyst and infection improved before Monday. If it did, we could go ahead with surgery.

Meanwhile, this is what he looked like on Tuesday:


Tuesday evening it was even worse and more red. I called the after hours number and the nurse just reassured me that if there were no new fevers or symptoms, then the medicine could take 48 hours to work, and that it could get worse before it got better. Well. It did.

We woke up Wednesday to a blistering on the cyst. We called doctor immediately and they put us in front of all the other patients. He said that it needed to be drained. Normally, he would do that himself. Because this is on a cyst, he doesn’t feel comfortable with it and he called ACH to ask them what we need to do. So on Thursday we are traveling to LR and having the cyst drained at Children’s. I’m so over this cyst and just praying he can feel better soon. At this point we have no idea what will happen with surgery but for now I just want this infection out of him. We have to be at ACH by 12 and I have no idea what the timeline will be from there.


He is such a sweet boy and I would give anything to take this away from him. Please be praying that he can get over this infection and that he can get well enough to have his surgery very soon!!!!


  1. Poor baby!! I'm so sorry you guys are dealing with this friend. Praying for you guys today!! xo

  2. poor little guy. I hope y'all get some answers today!!! We are saying some healing prayers for him today!


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