Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Getting caught up

So before it gets too far away from me, I wanted to update on some other things.

But first, we heard back from ACH on Monday regarding the cultures Reed had done on Friday. Apparently, they showed that his incision had a yeast infection. I asked the nurse what caused that and she said she didn’t know but that the pathologist had said it was “weird”. Well, okay then. They called in an oral prescription that he only had to take three doses of, along with a topical cream that he has to have for a week. We won’t know for a while still if the cyst is truly gone.

So to recap quickly in photos:

Zach and I had an afternoon/early evening to ourselves to attend the wedding of his co-worker’s daughter! Any time we can get out by ourselves is fun. The kids LOVED their time with their baby sitter and we had a great time!IMG_2212IMG_2218

Last week when Reed couldn’t sleep, I figured there was no use in making him sit in his bed just crying so I let him get up. Babies don’t keep. IMG_2260

These two can pick at each other, but I love that they love each other most of the time! IMG_2275

We are attending an American Girl House party this weekend, and since Ava doesn’t have one of her own yet (though that will change at Christmas!), we borrowed Aunt Stephanie’s old ones to take to the party. Ava was in heaven and hasn’t stopped playing with them! IMG_2285

My precious friend Amanda is so super talented, and I’ve been wanting her to teach me how to make deco mesh wreaths. Last week was crazy, and she came over on one of the hardest days b/c of Reed, armed with a bottle of wine and that girl time was just what I needed! IMG_2296 

I’m so proud of the first wreath I made!IMG_2421

I also attempted the adorable pumpkin like she made and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out also!IMG_2420

Last Thursday, Ava got to go home with Zach’s parents and spend a few days with them. We headed to get her on Saturday. On the way up, I looked back and couldn’t see Reed b/c his book was so big it was covering him! IMG_2362

He also enjoyed a Chick-fil-a breakfast on the way!IMG_2359 

The kids enjoyed having another birthday celebration! IMG_2373 IMG_2381

Reed got a flashlight and he kept running to his room that night to be “in da dark” so he could see his light. So cute! IMG_2388


We had one of the kids’ favorites for dinner Sunday night – spaghetti! IMG_2408

I cannot believe this little man is going to be two on Monday. It truly feels like it was just yesterday that we were waiting on him to get here!!!! IMG_2423

And FINALLY! Monday was the anniversary of mine and Zach’s first date. That was 8 years ago. I went into it being somewhat skeptical just because we hadn’t been compatible when we first met, but I was so pleasantly surprised by how well we hit it off that night. I’m so thankful I went and even more thankful he wanted me to be his wife! IMG_2447

Whew! I need to keep up better so that I don’t have these long posts trying to squeeze in all the memories I want to remember!!!

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