Monday, October 21, 2013

Our last week

Well, another week passed with only one post. This may be my new norm. I really enjoy our memories being posted here but I’ve somewhat lost my blogging drive. Hopefully it will resurface.

So what have we been up to this last week?

I enjoyed hanging out with my sister for a few hours while we waited on our new niece to be born! IMG_2837

And believe me when I say that Caroline is precious, but I’m going to refrain from posting a whole lot of pictures of her right now until her mommy can get some more up of her.

My kids are fully of energy these days and they rarely want to slow down for their mom to take a photo of them. One morning I got them to stop for a minute and smile with me! IMG_2908

We got to school early one morning and I let them get out of their seats. Ava asked if we could make a funny picture!IMG_2931

This dude is lucky he is so cute because he is SO ornery. I’ll share more on this in a bit! IMG_2988

All week long we’ve been waiting for the NEW Super Adventures Mickey that the Disney Channel was promoting every second they could. (What’s worse is the commercials that have ALREADY started for the new Sofia the First movie that doesn’t come on until MID NOVEMBER! Seriously?!) Anyway, it was cold and rainy Friday evening and we settled in with popcorn to watch the new movie! IMG_2992

Saturday I needed to return a couple things to the mall and I wanted to start looking for some stuff to wear for some upcoming family photos and I decided to take Ava with me. We did our shopping and I told her we could have lunch, too. We decided to go to Chick-fil-a, where we ran into one of her friends from her itty bitty school days, so it was extra fun for her! When we left she said “This has been a FUN day!” IMG_3006

Saturday evening we stopped to have dinner at a local Mexican place. Before I knew it, Reed had hijacked the bowl of salsa as his own. IMG_3013 

That evening while we watched our beloved Razorbacks get slaughtered, Ava tried to teach Reed how to do a cartwheel. This was as far as he could get.IMG_3015

When they settled down for the night, Reed went ahead and made himself comfy! ha! IMG_3018

Sunday afternoon, Zach and I were both working on different things and we heard the unmistakable sound of coloring and found that Reed had drawn a masterpiece on the kitchen wall. It will have to be repainted. (Also, ignore the food on the floor. I hadn’t swept yet. Just keepin’ it real.)IMG_3019 

Sunday evening, Ava ran off to brush her hair after her shower. Reed ran off after her saying he needed to do his, too. Ava came back out and I asked where Reed was. I went looking for him and glanced in the dark bathroom and didn’t see him. I checked Ava’s room and then Reed’s room and he wasn’t in either. I turned back down the hallway and found him like this. He was turning the water off and on and thought he was pretty cool. Oh, this one. I used to think Ava was hard. He puts her to shame!IMG_3034

So that’s what occupied us this past week. Our upcoming week is BUSY BUSY! I think that’s our theme word for this fall! ;) As crazy as it is, I love that I get to do it with my favorite people!!!

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