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Daily Planner – 2014 Edition

Last year, I wrote about the new planner I had found and how excited I was for it. A year later, I loved it even more after using it all year and knew I’d be using the same one for the next year!

Jen, the master mind behind The Polka Dot Posie Printables, has once again created a functional, yet cute and stylish planner! You can check out my post I did last year here. Last year I printed the full size planner and this year i decided I wanted to try the smaller pages planner.

The smaller planner pages have the same fun colors and designs, just on smaller pages! {photo credit:}

small planner pages 

Since my post last year focused on the normal size pages, you can see that post if you want to purchase the regular size pages. Here, I’m going to focus on the smaller pages.

Once you have purchased your pages, Jen has a complete step by step guide on how to print your pages here: Even after printing last year, I needed a refresher, especially since it was a little different printing the smaller pages.

Once I knew I wanted the smaller pages, I knew I needed to get a new notebook to keep my pages in. I headed off to Staples since I knew they carried the Martha Stewart notebooks that I could fit these pages in. This year, I decide to try the Staples Arc brand notebook. I got the one I did because it had interchangeable covers! They also had this for the large size notebook! {photo credit:}

planner coverHere is a better shot at the various covers:

IMG_0398 IMG_0396 

I also picked up some packages of Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Discbound Notebook Dividers. (photo credit:


I also picked up some fun blue Arc System Notebook Expansion Discs. They had several colors to choose from and I liked that they had bright colors! (photo credit: I got the 1” expansion discs and they work perfectly!

expansion disks

This year I didn’t even check into printing this elsewhere like i did last year. Last year I was outraged at the price it would’ve cost to have it printed somewhere else. I was really intimidated last year but was so surprised at how easy it really was to print it. So this year I just got some heaver paper (24lb) and got my ink and I had this printed so quickly. I used about half a cartridge of ink to print it. After printing, I did have to cut the pages which you don’t have to do with the large pages. This wasn’t a big deal. Zach brought home the paper cutter from his school for me to use and I had this done in less than 10 minutes.

Once everything was printed and cut, it was time to punch the holes! In order to punch the holes in my paper, I bought a punch last year. I didn’t take a picture again this year, but this is what it looks like. You can purchase here:


I LOVE how cute this is all put together! I also have a big turquoise monogram coming to slap on this baby!IMG_0463

Here are some shots of the inside of the planner and these are the things I love about this particular planner!

Personalized Cover PageIMG_0821 When you purchase your planner, it comes with a standard cover page and you can write in your own name. For a (small!) additional fee, you can get one like I have above, or pick from various designs. You can also pick customize with certain colors if you wanted it to match your planner! You can find those here:

2014-15 OverviewIMG_0823

Monthly Calendar for every monthIMG_0467

A section each month for notes, goals, to-dos, and home stuffIMG_0810   

Weekly view with gorgeous colors throughout! LOVE!IMG_0812

Notes pages!!!! (print as many as you want!)IMG_0822   

If you visit Jen’s blog, The Polka Dot Posie, you will find that she has additional printables for FREE! Her current blog post even has FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL PRINTABLES!!!! These are CUTE, y’all!!!! I’ve got mine printed and am heading to Hobby Lobby today to frames. This mama isn’t waiting until the day before school this year. She also has other printables that are FREE that you can include in your planner. I’m talking special dates, holidays, weekly and monthly menus and so much more! She also has these free printable lists that I LOVE! It’s so nice to be able to jot down a book I want to read, or a recipe to try and have it all in one spot where I KNOW I will be able to find it!! She literally thinks of EVERYTHING! Go look around her blog and you will be amazed at what you find!

Ad here are some other things which I think are awesome:

  • Pages pop in and out SO easily! I can add stuff or take it out, or rearrange it VERY easily! LOVE this.
  • I can use this notebook and system year after year. Even the tabs are re-usable. They wipe clean so I can use them for different things if I want.
  • It’s cute, bright, personalized and I just love it.
  • I can add absolutely anything I want just by punching the holes in it! Last year I took things I got from Zach’s school or the kids’ school that I need to keep with me, punched holes in them, and stuck them in my planner.
  • There are all kinds of accessories available for this system!

If you are looking for a new planner, I cannot encourage you enough to try this planner. Working with Jen is a pleasure and she provides amazing customer service. She not only has life planners, but a direct sales planner, teacher planners, student planners and on and on and on! Check her out! You will NOT be disappointed! Jen truly has a passion to provide high quality printable products and I absolutely believe you will not find someone better to work with than her!

Thanks again, Jen, for a wonderful product! You help me stay much more organized!!!

{I was provided the printable file in exchange for this blog review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.}

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