Monday, August 18, 2014

Catching up and the best picture ever!

Well, the first days of school are under our belt and everyone has adjusted well, for the most part. Ava loves a little bit of the independence she has, like walking to her classroom alone. Since I don’t have to sign her in anymore, I could drop Ava off in the car line and let her walk in alone. However, since I still have to take Reed in, she hasn’t gotten to do that yet. She’s asked me several times if I could just drop her off and then park to take Reed in! ;) IMG_1301

She also has to sit outsider her classroom until 7:40 until her teacher open the door for them. She told me on Friday that some days I can walk down to tell her goodbye and that on other days, I can’t. Thanks, kid. :)

Friday evening we celebrated the end of the first week by making brownies!IMG_1314IMG_1312

Saturday we didn’t do much of anything. In fact, I didn’t even leave the house and it was wonderful! We did have a movie night to watch Despicable Me 2 and made homemade pizzas!  IMG_1337

Sunday morning we went to church early and then after that, I sent Zach to his school to work on his homework in the peace and quiet. The kids and I stopped to get donuts and then went to wash my car. Reed sat with his fingers in his ears the whole time! IMG_1344 IMG_1346

After the carwash we stopped at Target to pick up something and we spent some time looking at toys since birthdays are coming up. Talk about over-stimulated children!! IMG_1355

Reed found an Olaf doll and he will definitely be getting one for his birthday. He LOVES Olaf. He likes to listen to the song In Summer from the soundtrack and he sings it in the Olaf voice. Too cute, that kid.IMG_1356

Okay, I’m going to end with probably one of my favorite pictures of Reed, ever! He wasn’t too happy to be going to his seat at school. And I happened to just click my camera at the most perfect second ever. What makes it even better is the caption on the bulletin board behind him!!!! So, if you’re not looking forward to your Monday, just look at this and you’ll HAVE to laugh.IMG_1300

Happy Monday!


  1. Haha that last photo is AWESOME!!! You'll have to definitely put that one up at his high school graduation party indeed!!! I love Olaf too, so stinkin cute!

  2. Commenting backwards here, ha! That picture of Reed is HILARIOUS! Thanks for making me smile this morning when all I really feel like doing is sleeping-so over being pregnant! We love Olaf in our house too! Lilly has a Olaf that looks just like the one Reed is holding but it has a button and Olaf sings and dances-he sings the summer song from the movie and says different things too. A family member gifted it to Lilly from her trip to Disney in Florida. I bet you could find one online!!! Also, the pizzas you guys made look delicious! Did you make your own crust too? I have never had good luck with that!

  3. OMG that is too cute!!!! Love that look on his face!


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