Thursday, August 14, 2014

First day of school 2014

We survived the first day of school!!! It went about as I expected at drop off, but the day was great for both kids!

On Monday, we went to drop off their school supplies, which I think makes the first morning so much easier! It also let the kids see their classroom, and Reed got to meet his teacher because she is new to the school this year!


I was off Monday and Tuesday with the kids. Ava had been asking for a while if we could go get frozen yogurt because we hadn’t been in forever (like 2 years forever – ha!) so I decided that would be a fun thing to do their last day of summer vacation.IMG_1072IMG_1073

Reed had been saying most of the summer he didn’t want to go to preschool, that he wanted to just stay in his old classroom. On the night before school started, I was SO nervous for him. I really thought it would be a rough drop off because I know how Reed is. He seems to struggle with change and it takes him a while to feel comfortable. I was just so worried about how he would do in a new class with a teacher he wasn’t familiar with (he knows a lot of the teachers there but since his was new to the school, he had no idea who she was). IMG_1136

We did our traditional first day of school photos and then headed off to school! I can’t believe how big my babies have gotten.IMG_1214IMG_1217IMG_1140IMG_1148

It was also Zach’s first day of school for the year!IMG_1231IMG_1266IMG_1197

When we got to school, we stopped at Reed’s room first. He was very hesitant and unsure. I knew he would feel a little scared but I hoped he would get through it okay. IMG_1288

He didn’t want to get a toy out to use at his seat until school started. He started crying and I walked out so I wouldn’t have to hear the screams. He tried chasing Zach across his room and I don’t know if his teacher grabbed him after that or what.

We then headed to Ava’s room to get her all settled. She was an excited little kindergartner!IMG_1287IMG_1286  I’m so proud of my big girl! After we took Ava to her room, I saw a mom that had just dropped off her daughter in Reed’s room. She said he wasn’t crying any more and that he was doing a puzzle. That definitely helped! I had tears in my eyes before Zach had to leave to go to school, but I held them back.

Mid-morning, I saw a text pop up from Ava’s teacher and, oh y’all, my heart SWELLED when I saw what she had sent me! It was a picture of my babies that said “They had some time outside together. His teacher said he was doing great, and was super happy!” MADE. MY. DAY.IMG_1290

Then I got a text later from Ava’s teacher from last year of Reed sitting in the cafeteria at lunch. My baby! How is he so big??IMG_1294

I am SO SO grateful tot he wonderful teachers at our school who look out for ALL the kids and parents, not just their own students. It meant so much to me to see pictures of my sweet boy having a good day when I was so worried about him.

I also got a photo of Ava at nap time – girl was sacked out! She was also exhausted last night!!IMG_1296 

She had fun learning, too!IMG_1297

All in all, they both had a great day! They came home happy. Reed told me he got a sticker for staying in line which I’m sure is hard for an almost three year old! ha! I’m so glad we have the first (and scariest!) day behind us! Thank you to all who called and texted to see how the kids did (and if I was okay!!!)! Y’all are the best!


  1. Precious! I think seeing them both in their school uniforms just makes them look so much older and wiser. Time goes so fast once you have kids-I didn't believe it before we had Lilly but now I get it! You look great in the pictures too-love your outfit!

  2. How wonderful the school sent you a photo during their day. That's top notch. They look like they are adjusting well, their smiles are huge! Obviously you're both doing a great job. Cheers to a great school year!

  3. I love that their teachers send you pics throughout the day!

  4. I'm glad that the kids had such a good first day. That's so sweet that the teacher sent you pictures!

    Amy @

  5. Ava and Reed are really cute! Reed seems to enjoy his first day in school, huh? And their willingness to mingle with their classmates and teachers are so amazing! Well, thanks for sharing this lovely post, Sarah. I hope they're doing great in school! All the best!

    Raymond Ray @ Teacher Direct Tutoring


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