Monday, September 15, 2014

An overdue catch up!

Well. A bit of time has passed since I last posted! We got wrapped up in back to school, work has been BUSY, and life has gone on! I have a few things to share this week to get us caught up. Do y’all know what happens this week? My baby turns SIX. That’s what. More on that later.

So when we left off, school had just started. Both kids have adjusted very well and easily to their new routines, new classes and new teacher. We are busy during the weeks, and  on some weekends, so the times we all get to be home together, we enjoy as much as possible! IMG_1505 IMG_1539 IMG_1542

One weekend in particular, after watching a million ice bucket challenges, Ava asked if she could do it. She was very serious about it and went through her list of nominations.  IMG_1549 

August 25th was my 31st birthday and it was a very nice day. Lots of birthday wishes from so many friends and family and my sweet family going out of their way to make it special for me. Zach invited my mom to have dinner with us and she showed up with yummy cupcakes. Because of the stage of life we’re in (or that Reed is in), we typically don’t eat out much, and if we do, it’s somewhere like his favorite pizza buffet or Mexican where the food comes immediately and we can get in and out fast. On my birthday, they called me when I was about to get off work and Reed told me we were going to a “fancy restaurant”. :) IMG_1628

Reed also went for a follow up at ACH at the end of August. We got a good report and I will share more about his visit in a later post. IMG_1657

Ava’s top front teeth have been loose for quite some time, and one of them was literally hanging on for weeks. She was terrified to let us pull out. One Friday afternoon, I got a text from her teacher in the middle of the day and saw this! IMG_1679

Her teacher told me that she’d bit into a carrot stick and the tooth was hanging on for dear life. She told Ava that if she would pull it, she would buy her ice cream after school. Ava was apparently a little scared and apprehensive so her teacher told her not to worry about it. But Ava loves some after school ice cream, and when she went to touch it the tooth came out!

And about a week later, I got to after school care to pick her up, and she had just pulled the other one! She has a big hole in her mouth right now! IMG_1859

She is also having to have some dental work. At her last routine cleaning, x-rays showed she had some cavities. Apparently cavities in molars can spread to the teeth next to them if they are on the side of the tooth like hers were. So, instead of needing 4 fillings – she needs 8. She is also getting caps on some of her teeth. Yuck. She was really brave at her first appointment and did great. She has her 2nd round of 4 this week and we’re anxious to put another one behind us.IMG_1840

Reed is doing well, too. He had a few calm weeks but it seems his Dennis the Menace persona has returned with a vengeance. He is so funny and it’s hard not to laugh at all his antics. When he’s like this though, it reminds me what a precious sweetie he is.IMG_1813IMG_2147

The only other thing that’s been going on here is sickness! Almost two weeks ago, Zach came down with a really bad cough. He finally went to the doctor that Thursday and was diagnosed with bronchitis. While he was fighting this, I had a pretty horrific cold come on. By Sunday, I was coughing just like him. I improved some but never got fully better and then Ava started coughing. Yesterday after church, Zach went to school to work on some homework in quiet (it’s his last class for this session on top of a BUSY BUSY week), and I took the kids to the walk in clinic. Fortunately they opened at 9:00 and we were the first ones there and out in 40 minutes. Ava had a throat and sinus infection and mine was upper respiratory. I’m hoping we both feel better in just a couple days! IMG_2150 IMG_2156

So in a nutshell, that’s what’s been going on with us!

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  1. Oh that toothless grin is precious! Glad to hear all is well with Reed. We've had the battle of sickness hit our house as well. My daughter had it last week and my son came down with it yesterday. I'm sure before long my hubby and I will be hit. Ugh, back to school always means back to more germs and colds...blech! Have a great week and wonderful to see an update.


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