Monday, September 29, 2014

A little rewind

I had every intention of posting about Ava’s birthday last week but it got to be an insanely crazy week for me at work and I just didn’t have it in me when I got home.

Ava had a great sixth birthday. My older brother planned to be at my parents’ house the weekend of her birthday, as did most of my other siblings, so we went over there to visit. The night before her birthday and before we left, Zach had a game and was gone, and Reed came home from school feeling sick. After taking his temp and a vomit episode, I threw them into the car and went to urgent care. He had an ear infection and thankfully medicine helped him feel much better.

After that excitement, Ava wanted her annual last picture at age “X” at bedtime. I wonder how long she will let me take those! ;)  IMG_2312

Ava woke up super excited to be six and to celebrate her day! IMG_2327 IMG_2329IMG_2346 IMG_2349

Zach and I both took a half day off that day and picked the kids up at noon and then headed to OKC. It was such a great time seeing my siblings and especially my niece and nephew. The kids had so much fun playing together!

Walking to the park togetherIMG_2362 IMG_2365 IMG_2380

We celebrated a lot of birthdays that weekend. Ava’s was the 19th, my brother’s the 20th and then my sister, my niece and Reed all  had them coming up so we did them while we were all together. Ava got to do hers first since we were there on her actual birthday. IMG_2403IMG_2419


Aren’t these boys adorable? IMG_2425

Miss K enjoyed her smash cake!IMG_2429

I about died when my mom told me that Reed told her he wanted a Peppa Pig cake. The bakery had NO clue who Peppa Pig was so I emailed them a photo and they made it PERFECT! He was so happy! IMG_2431IMG_2448

Reed loves his birthday and he loves it when someone signs happy birthday to him, but he gets SO shy! IMG_2437  IMG_2452 

We had a fun weekend celebrating lots of birthdays, visiting with people we don’t see often enough and just watching kiddos enjoying playing together! IMG_2489

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