Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back in the groove..

Well, things are back to "normal" in our household. Christmas break for Zach and Ava ended and they both headed back to school this week. With Ava being afraid lately, I was so worried about her return to daycare. However, we got there yesterday morning and her teachers started talking to her and she just laughed and grinned at them. They said she had a GREAT day the last two days so I'm very thankful we didn't have a hard time returning.

Speaking of being afraid, she is getting SO much better about being in new places and not getting scared! I'm so thankful for that as it made it very hard to do anything or go anywhere. Since she goes to my parent's house some days in the afternoon, we dropped her off there on New Years Day to reacquaint herself with being there and she had so much fun. She laughed and "played" hard for a couple of hours. She also had no problems going back there this week. I picked her up today and my sister said "You have SUCH a good baby!" Yay! I never thought we'd get to that day!

And now some random pictures of our sweet girl!

Being independent and holding her own bottle

Still trying to roll from her back to her tummy

So excited!!

Smiling with her daddy!

In the process of trying to roll over, she got herself stuck!!

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