Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Look what we got today!!

I have always enjoyed reading and have looked forward to reading stories to Ava. I got many of our old childhood books from my parents' attic so that we could have a "library". Our nightly routine sometimes includes a book after bedtime - Ava doesn't understand the stories but likes to look at the pictures!

A few weeks ago, Zach came home and told me about this program called Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. It is sponsored by Dolly Parton (obviously) and the United Way. You can sign your child up and they will send you a book every month until the child is five! And it's free!!! There are only four counties in Arkansas that offer this program and I'm so thankful ours is one of them! I was so excited to come home today and find our first book! I can't wait to see what others follow!!


  1. How can we get this for a friend of ours. jimjerlbeaty@gmail.com This is very neat and free.

  2. Free books? That's cool! BTW- I've talked to your hubby 2 days in a row now... looks like he's getting some good use out of that grill!

  3. What a great program! A few of the families I worked with, in Tulsa, took part in the program and I thought it was WONDERFUL...the kiddos would get SO excited about the new books.

    Ava is getting so big...and still so cute!! She is a perfect mix between you and your hubby!

    Happy New Year to your family!!!

  4. by the way...i'm adding you to my faves. i thought i had done that and realized i hadn't seen an ava update lately. duh...it didn't go on the list...i probably forgot to hit save or something!!

  5. I sure wish ours would allow us! We still try ALL the time in this region, but it still isn't applicable. How fun! She's looking prettier by the day!

  6. Ha!! I'm so glad Ava likes TV too. We thought we had the only crazy baby who would rather watch TV than eat her bottle...silly girls!!

    It does seem like forever ago that we were in accounting class together. I just wish I would have actually buckled down and finished accounting. Gosh, how I wish I could go back!! However, being a big believe in "everything happens for a reason...a plan, per say", I probably wouldn't have Brad and Kate if I had done that.

    Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!! Yay for Fridays!!


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