Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tutu Making 101

I've had a few different people ask me how I made Ava's tutu and if I had directions. No directions here! I just sort of went about my business and made some guesses. Anyway, I thought I would share the process here for those of you interested.

I used this size ribbon (my guess is that it was about an inch thick) to go around the waist. I measured it around Ava to see how big it needed to be and to leave a little extra to tie a bow when it was on.

I then cut a piece of tulle (just one to start). My pieces ended up being about 27 inches. You can adjust this depending on how long or short you want your tutu to be. Once I figured out the length of each piece of tulle, I just unrolled the tulle on top of the cut piece so that I could measure and then snipped away. I did several of these at a time, but not the whole roll, in case I didn't need it.

I used the rolls of tulle that were 6 inches wide. I looked for this at Wal-Mart, Michael's and Hobby Lobby and found the largest selection of color at Hobby Lobby. Be sure and watch the ads, because as I mentioned earlier, I bought all of these while they were 1/2 off and I know they run their sales often!

Once you get your strips cut, tie the strips of tulle to the ribbon. I did not use any special method of tying. I basically just knotted it so it wouldn't come undone.

And wa-la!


  1. Cute! Thanks for the directions!!

  2. YAY for tutu's. I have been making Kenley tutu's like crazy. Think they are going to hate us for it one day? Hope not cause they are TOO cute!!!


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